Sep 1, 2010

WIP Weds, wk #35

A bit of stitching finished up last night--------

To the left is the untrimmed and un-bordered August and September blocks from Calendar Quilts and Stitcheries.

I was going to do fusible applique on that August block but changed my mind---obviously. I had scraps of WOW in the basket from Allison's t-shirt quilt and dug around in my stash till I found the "right" shade of yellow for the lemonade in the glass. Once seamed, the piece was easy to back with freezer paper to turn the edges. I appliqued it down in a traditional manner for a "zap" of color. There will be a lemon slice button sewn to the top of the glass. Both blocks get a running stitch border as well.

The schoolhouse block will also have buttons added once the quilt-let is layered to help anchor the layers. It calls for a small "Liberty" type bell to be added to the schoolhouse cupola and another small button on the door for a knob.

So, out comes Santa #11 again for a few stitches here and there. It all adds up over time.

My real inclination is to go ahead and work on the borders on the stitcheries especially so I could hang the September one sometime this month! July with the firecrackers is still up there---whatever!

BUT, my frienid Marilyn asked me to help her top stitch some of her business items for pay. She does American Girl doll items but also does these cute hanging towels. Some are double sided to hang over your stove handle and look like a little pinafore at the top. The ones in this pile are single sided and just fasten over the drawer pulls. I'll do my thing and then she will add the finishing touches. I need to at least get started on these rather than "play". I had done a dozen last week so at least this time I have the thread colors pulled and bobbins wound---should save some time in that regard.

Walking totals for the month of August:
Well, down a bit at 143 miles. Total since I began counting: 631 miles.

Some health issues surfaced which kept me home a few days and some weather related deterrents as well but this year I haven't allowed them to derail me totally. I am still getting in 5 days out of the week with my new action plan though still at 2.25 miles/8 laps. As long as my back and knees are not squawking at me with this schedule I am not likely to want to tempt fate. Some cooler mornings have been a blessing this past week, a glimmer of the approaching fall. Now, if the humidity would drop a bit, I would be even more blessed, LOL. Also I had backed up the alarm clock rising time by 15 minutes but could actually move it back still further as the sun isn't up over the tree line till much closer to 7 these days.

And so it goes--------time to feed the boys! Sew after lunch..............

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  1. You're doing good with the stitcheries!


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