May 16, 2011

my quilt entries

A trip down MY quilting memory lane---a few that I have kept. The pics are a little dark but one of the few times I can get a full shot of them so I went for it.

Star Trip c. 2002. Pattern Source: J. J Stitches and Company. Class taken at Quiltmaker's Workshop in Trussville, AL

Kitty City c. 2004. Pattern Source: Amy Bradley Designs. I have the Dazzling Dog blocks done as well but so far, they have not gotten passed the block stage.

Daisy Chain c. 2011. Pattern Source: Atkinson Designs.

Cheese and Crackers c. 2009, I think, LOL. (They had to pin the bottom up and unfortunately there was a shadow from the rack set up falling across the picture)
Pattern Source: Atkinson Designs. I do love me some 30's prints.

Strip Twist c. 2010. Pattern Source: G.E. Designs. DJ got his quilt washed just because I wanted to enter it in the show.

Lastly, look who was playing with the quilt he never gets to see. Skyler was specifically attracted to the buttons in the cornerstones. He was also pawing on the blocks at glasses and binoculars, possibly thinking they were balls he could play with?? Then he thought that the embroidered whiskers were strings he could chew on and was pawing them. We slept under it last night. The weather had stayed in the mid 50's all day, cloudy and damp so it was a little cool in the house. NOT complaining as it will be hot and stay hot soon enough.

So even if I am not getting much done lately, or if I have it is stuff I can't show you yet, I do occasionally get some things done for me. See above, LOL. I continue to hand quilt on my Santa with a little basket embroidery thrown in.


  1. wonderful quilt show! thanks for sharing with us :)

  2. You had some great quilts in this show. As you said, we don't always get a chance to see our quilts "hung" full out like in a show. Looking at some of these quilts reminds me of the great times we have had working on some of these quilts together -- and with the other FABs. I think you have a great start to a "FAB Inspired Quilt Collection"! LOL Great to have all the choices for the bed as well--choices to switch out when the mood strikes.


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