May 14, 2011

one of THOSE days............. of those weeks, really. Today, I can laugh about it so that is what a little perspective can do for you.

Some days I do not know where my head is at. I got up and went about my business yesterday without too much trouble. I had breakfast, showered, got dressed, goofed around on the computer and made a no bake pumpkin pie to go with our planned "turkey breast in the crockpot" meal. Between us, we had the laundry detail well in hand. So what happened?

I forgot to plug in the danged pot and discovered this an hour in. Often I run it for an hour on high just to get the contents started and set the oven timer to remind me to go back in there to back off on the heat. That was when I discovered it. Sheesh! Worry about food safety much?? How did that happen? I had asked DJ to get the pot out for me as it is fairly heavy rather than lugging it out myself. That little thing was enough to throw me off the routine, I guess. I am NOT blaming him as I am still the one who did not notice he had not plugged it in or did that simple task myself. It tasted fine but you know I am going to worry about making us sick.

The other worrisome thing was that we were in the middle of a severe thunderstorm for a time. The electricity has been going off a good bit again, and not just when the wind blows. I had planned to go to the quilt show in Jacksonville with my friend Marilyn in the early afternoon. I told DJ if the power went off, we would stick the crock in the fridge and we could have pie and cranberry sauce for supper. Well, maybe the mashed potatoes and vegetable too but the heck with the turkey, LOL. I would take that as a sign that turkey was NOT meant to be.

What you see in the picture at left, is what happened next. I had walked over to put the cookbook back on the shelf and the whole thing dumped. The shelf flipped off the clips holding it and just barely missed my foot. (We had moved the chair that sits in front of the window, fan and some of the books by the time I took this picture though---it was a worse mess before that.) DJ thought one of the clips looked bent, probably a victim of the weight of the books would be my guess. At my suggestion we traded them out for the more sturdy ones on the smaller book shelf in his bedroom------one that I had just taken a lot of books off of and taken to the library. If his shelf flips there is only a few small stacks of golf magazines on it. That seemed to work and I would do it again. I figure we have three other shelves we could borrow from if we had to.

Other than DJ having the glass cranberry relish dish slip out of his hands at dinner, we got thru the rest of the day okay. Just a few cranberry splatters but the dish did not break. I went to the show with Marilyn, the electricity stayed on, I hand quilted a bit, the Cardinals lost in extra innings. You go with the hand you get that day.

Okay that was just one day's minor "catastrophes" want to hear the weekend bone head move I made a few days earlier?? I forget now what I was making but I was preparing to make some corn bread muffins to go with the entree. I keep the bulk flour and sugar containers on one of the shelves above the washer and dryer. When I picked up one of the containers, I accidentally knocked a box of half filled rotini pasta (in a ziploc bag) off to the washer below. It didn't go in but was sitting wedged up against the rim. No biggie, back on the shelf. BUT you know where this is headed. You just know I had washed something I did NOT intend to.

I started up the load of towels that had stacked in there, probably even added some more towels to the top without looking any further. When I found a jumbo shell sitting atop the towel, I was puzzled. Turns out I had forgotten about the box of unopened jumbo shells that was atop the rotini box on the shelf. Then I spotted the shreds of the box and more gooey pasta and pasta bits. What a mess! Thank heavens, it was not the usual large load though. Shake the stuff out, outside, then try drying it. Vacuum out the washer with the wet-dry vac. Empty the lint filter.......twice. I polished off that fiasco by knocking the wet-dry vac over, not spilling the contents however which has happened before, but I couldn't get the thing to run. DJ checked later and it was fine, not sure why it snapped out of it for him and not me.

I went through the rest of the week without too much mishap other than my quilting not going as well as I would have liked. One or both of my two main machines probably do need servicing and might have something to do with it or the bulk of the seams I was stitching through. The binding is done and I will hold up the giftie at the guild "show and tell" in a couple hours. I didn't go to the meeting last month and have a couple of my small finishes to show at Friendship Quilters.

It was nice to go "visit" a few of my quilts in the show, particularly one that I do not see often as it is usually folded up in the armoire or closet shelf. I got some decent pictures of them, I think. Post those next time. Ran into some friends I do not see very often at the show. Nice selection of quilts, some I had seen before at other shows but still enjoyed them. Bed turning, a few vendors and a scissor sharpener fellow took care of a few pair of embroidery scissors for me. Best get dressed as I need to head out to catch my ride to Pell City.


  1. Everyone at work yesterday kept reminding me that it was Friday the 13th. The day was pretty uneventful but we were ready to blame the fact that it was Friday the 13th bad luck if it did. It sounds like you had that sort of bad luck all week! I hope today makes up for the events of the week when you get together with your quilting buddies at guild today!

  2. I'm wishing you better days ahead...ab-SEW-lootly! and...just as an "fyi"...I have lots of these kinds of days...I think, sometimes, I get out of bed and forget to plug meee ol' brain into the rest of me! lol



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