May 2, 2011

not quilting

I wasn't sleeping this morning either. Awake at 330 and did not go back to sleep. By 515 I just bailed and started cleaning out my dresser drawers.

I went thru the blanket chest, armoire, dresser drawers and both closets plus the book shelf and under the bed storage. I even straightened out the jewelry box which I had dumped on the floor recently and just piled stuff back in. Summer clothes are pulled out and swapped with heavy winter stuff---now watch, we will go thru a cold spell. Have you ever seen it to fail?

The 4 bags of books you see above are going for donation to the Friends of the Library. Not sure when the sale is coming up but normally it is in the spring sometime. A couple of the books came from there to start with, LOL. Book recycling.

DJ calls my car trunk my "office on wheels" and he may be right. The file boxes of handouts, strip plugs, cone thread holder, table risers and so forth. The fold up pull cart is under the bags. My Jem sewing machine and two project boxes are in there as well. If I have my car, then I can sew anywhere though I might need to borrow a pair of clippers.

But the 3 large bags of clothing are ready to be donated. I guess I took a cue from my friend Pat since she and DD have been hard at clearing the play room and bedrooms this past week. LIM

I still need to dust and vacuum in there but that can wait till tomorrow. That early morning hour is starting to catch up with me. That, and Skyler has been quite intent on birdwatching from the bedroom perch. I think the birds have built a nest in the bush right in front of him. At any rate it keeps him busy for hours! If I fire up the vacuum, he loses his vantage point.

And so it goes-------no sewing or quilting but a productive day, nonetheless.

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  1. You are inspiring me to go through my closet and drawers. Lets hear it for LIM!!!


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