May 16, 2011

some that caught my eye at the show

More quilts from the 2011 JOY Quilt Festival this past weekend.

One of my friiend Marilyn's quilts. She is originally from MN and the panel pieces and fabrics were purchased on a trip back to visit with family. It serves as a reminder to her of the North Woods. I like it as an example of what you can do with panel pieces to dress them up.

Karen C's "Betty's Garden" Karen taught this in a class at Sew What in Oxford when the shop was still open. Actually the block is Antique Tile Block (Nancy Cabot 1938) I love how the pattern forms rings with the color placement. I had seen pictures in the guild's online photo albums but this was the first time to see it in person.

I do not personally know the maker of this "Dear Jane". It won a 3rd place ribbon in the Viewer's Choice selection. Some day I will make one of these or at least get started on it. Got the book, the software, some of the fabrics and have thought about it for years.

The same person took the 1st place ribbon for a quilt she owned that was made by for her family member. Lots of stitcheries, good applique and excellently hand quilted. Lovely but I missed taking a picture of it.

Can you see the back of my strip twist peeking thru below it?? I had put the row of extra blocks down the back to expand my available backing yardage. I also see the label I put on it.

Sue Ann's Stitchery quilt took the 2nd place viewers choice ribbon. Well done quilt that Sue Ann made for her sister. I am pretty sure that some of the blocks are Bronwyn Hayes' designs. She just said an "Australian designer" when I talked to her briefly. (The card on the quilt did not say) This picture was actually taken when it was exhibited at the Gadsden Quilt Show last fall. I knew I had one on file so did not take it again.

Sue Ann also had several other quilts entered but the one that I was most impressed with was a reversible whole cloth quilt. The hand quilting was wonderful! The quilt was made long enough that the top of the quilt folded back over top of the pillows and the design was still maintained once you did that. She had used a contrasting color on the back. Lovely, lovely quilt.

I do not know the person who made this quilt either. I do know that the pattern source is Jackie Robinson of Animas Quilts "Eureka" The card indicated that it had been recognized and ribboned at many quilt shows and had been juried into the AQS show in Nashville or Knoxville. Well done but did not get a ribbon this time. It got my vote, if that counts for anything.

This is the quilt that I needed my camera for at our meeting the other day so I am glad that Aline entered it for her daughter Fran! Fran made this for her husband Rick. There is music fabric in it and he loves the deep rich colors. This picture does not do it justice. Pattern: French Braid but I do not know the designer for sure. Jane Hardy and Arlene Netten have a book out entitled French Braid Quilts but I do not know that is what Fran used for her pattern.

This one caught my eye more for the pattern than the execution. It is one of those where you wonder "how did that go together?". I thought it might be a good one for donation quilts with that large square and 3 color choice. Jane referred to it as a "mystery quilt" but I don't know which quilt group had used it. I will find out more when I see her next time.

Not many people can go to a quilt guild meeting and quilt show all in the same day but I did! Since I had to stick around to pick up my quilt, I helped catch quilts a bit though they seemed to have things well in hand. The same crew taking them down is the same bunch that has done it many times before.

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  1. Great quilts! What an inspirational day--a quilt show and quilt guild meeting in the same day! I would say that you were on inspiration overload!


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