May 5, 2011


I guess you can tell what I have been stitching on by the picture at left. I DO love to embroider! I just got done with a bit of stitching on the left side of the design and all those French knots.

March themed basket block from Bee Tree Designs--pattern found on Flickr HERE .

I don't feel like sewing or quilting, unless it is hand quilting right now. That's okay. This happens and it passes at some point. I may do a little hand applique or hand quilt this afternoon. Or read since I picked up a couple books at the library when I delivered the donation stuff in my last post around town.

Actually the only thing that I have sewn this week was a project DJ and I had. The cover we bought for the BBQ grill keeps blowing off as the wind billows up under the cover. Next thing you know it will laying out in the backyard somewhere. DJ had an idea to put some holes in the cover and then bungee cord the thing down. For that purpose, I had picked up some grommets at Hobby Lobby for this purpose a month ago. The instructions tell you to use some reinforced twill tape or double layered fabric behind it. I used some steam and seam 2 and fused a couple layers together and then stitched it down through the cover before cutting the holes. Of course, as is typical of the two of us, we could not get it work properly the day we tried and gave up, thinking we needed to get the industrial strength kind from the hardware store. Still, even with the holes I had cut into we could at least bungee it down. Not ideal but it would work. DJ got the grommets in yesterday. Woohoo! Turns out we were not doing anything wrong with our process but it took way more hammering than we saw in a video online, let me tell you.

I still mean to post the sew in pictures and will do that in another post.

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  1. Congratulations on completion of the first basket block! I hope to pick up some green 30's fabrics today and start on the tracing of some baskets. There is a road trip in my future and this would be the perfect take along project. BTW, I am loving the green!


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