May 23, 2011

nothing much

The color is not quite right on this as it is not an orange-y red but whatever!

After a panicked few days as to where the package might be in the span between coastal OR and NE central Alabama, look what arrived. Pam was so kind to finish up my machine cover for me after I could not 1) put on the piping correctly 2) correctly do the math for adjusting the changes I had made for the height of the machine.

There were other goodies she packed along with the cover. A pattern I had admired from Connecting Threads, a layer cake of winter batiks that she did not want. Thanks again, Pam for bailing me out!

I am going to have to come up with a good idea for those although a few of the batik prints would work well in a patriotic quilt. I DO need to make a couple of tops for the veteran's facility being built in nearby Pell City for the guild. I would do it anyway even if I were NOT a guild member to help them reach their goal. The plus is that is for something in my own backyard and I may not have to quilt them.

As far as anything quilty happening around here? Not a whole lot. I did a little embroidery on the next Bee Tree Design basket blocks----the current one I picked to work on is the button basket but I set that aside since I have a car trip coming up. I hand quilted a bit more on the Bird Brain Santas but then it got hot again and who wants that anywhere near your lap? I want to sew but I don't know what other than, I want to do something fun or different than what I already have started. But what?? I think one or more of my machines may need to go in for servicing so that may have something to do with my reluctance to sew. I've cleaned them out the best I could and done the things I know to do but still not happy with the stitching. SIGH.

It is not like me to be bored but I have to admit that I have been a bit. Restless or something. I have been reading a bit more lately, watching season finales on TV and playing way to much House on the Hill solitaire, I admit it. Oh and looking thru my quilt books for ideas that might jump start this malaise. A 3-6-9-12 idea from a Fons and Porter March April 2003 intrigues me more than anything at the moment and would work for the 60 x 90 plan. HMMMM

Back to dusting and straightening things up around here. If I am not going to be making a mess being creative then I have to clean up the mess I have made and/or ignored, right?

Hope you have found something that "floats your boat"


  1. cute kitty cover! so sweet of Pam to help and send goodies, too! I was thinking of starting a 3-6-9-12project myself using pinwheels~a Kevin request.

  2. Your kitty machine cover really caught my eye, love it. My machine could use one of those.

  3. Yay! was so glad the pkg finally arrived...was not a pleasant wait while it was in route for so long.


  4. Linda, go to She has a birdie quilt BOM that's so cute. I hadn't embroidered in years and it stimulated me to really get back into quilting. It was a great jumping off point. I'm loving doing it, already pieced the quilt together and have done the 5 months that she's posted. Hope that helps.


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