Jul 26, 2012

keeping on track

Two posts in one day.  I promise to behave myself on this one. LOL.

I had a pile of things on my Wednesday "to-do" list and stayed on track. Laundry was done.  The paperwork was done and the necessary errands were run. Husband got fed and he even got the haircut he had requested!

Just before supper DJ helped me with the recovering the pressing board project.  He told me to put on some safety glasses and fetched another screw driver and pair of plier to help me pry the two layers of batting and iron quick cloth OFF.  Man, that thing looked bad and long past replacement!  After supper, I got back to actually recovering it.  Here it is as I worked on stapling the new batting back on it.

And TADA!  Here it is back in a nice clean pristine state and ready to roll for today's little "jobs"

 Here is what it normally looks like though I do try to keep things off the table so I can function.  While watching the Cardinal-Dodger game last evening (muted) and listening to the KMOX announcers on the computer, I stitched up some binding and labeled the quilt that was lacking its identifier.  Both of my list.  Cross that off.

That mauve-y pink should go with the toile backing on the 3rd quilt in the pile.  The more I got to looking at the burgundy binding, the more I thought that it might actually belong with a kitted up pinwheel project.  Better not use it.  I dug around in the cubicle tower this morning and located it, just in case.

This was NOT on the list but I got it done anyway-----last strip added to the top of all 48 Prairie Stroll blocks.

This morning was the grocery run .  DJ had invited me to go along with him to an appointment down in Oxford and then over to Cici's for pizza.  I pressed and rolled the binding as well as the pile of blocks once we got home from lunch.  

DJ was kind enough to take care of the vacuuming on our return including my sewing room.  Brave man!  Normally he acts like a thread or a pin might jump up on him if he just steps on the door threshhold, LOL.

Clean floor, clean pressing table---I'm ready to make more of a mess.  And it will be back to quilting once I swivel the sewing table around and untangle the cords I put up for Mr. Clean.  I'll back to this quilt in a minute.    I just about got 6 of the diagonal rows of ties (11 lines of quilting) done on Monday.    I count 10 more diagonal rows of ties to go.  Of course the shorter rows go a lot faster.  I'll be flipping the quilt and working from the other end after I complete the spot where I left off.  

And sew it goes--------goal is to get this one done or at least to the point of adding the binding by day's end, keeping on track as best I can.


  1. oh what a wonderful "new" pressing board..job well done! love the bow tie quilt..one of my favorites..what a very productive day Linda! good to see all you accomplished.

  2. This is my 2nd comment....... don't know why it didn't show the first time.......BUT, you have some of the best ideas ever. Love all your advise and what you teach. I am sooo enjoying quilting. Not perfect, but feel I am getting somewhat better. Sulky invisible thread is the pits on my machine, but LOVE the YLI

    Thanks for all you are teaching me .


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