Jul 23, 2012

sticking to my action plan

Since my Friday "kick myself in the rear" post, I have managed to complete the remaining hand work on the August watermelon Button Up AKA Paint Chip Challenge and I pinned it that evening.  I also through my ancient Country Thread inspired aCQB row quilt on the table and pinned it up as well.

Both went to the stack and my current plan is to do a couple more donation quilts and then squeeze a personal project in the mix.  Still a bit of a reward even though it is STILL quilting.

Moving on to Saturday:
I had about half of the vertical lines to go on this Positive-Negative Puss in the Corner last seen in early June.   The quilting is finished and the binding/label applied.  One of the Belles had volunteered to do some of the binding and she will get Judy's two quilts along with this one.

No sooner did I finish the PIC when I grabbed another one.  Well, I had to admit that I had to look through the pile to find t he one I wanted to work on.  Since I told them with the backing OUT to keep the cat hair from sticking to the interior. I needed to review what was pinned.

I stared the horizontal and vertical locking lines on a group project Pineapple Blossom (one of the sew-in's last year) while I watched the Cardinal-Cub game.  Wow, 12 runs in one inning and 4 of those came with two outs.  That has not happened since clear back in 1926, for Pete's sake.  They also tied a record that dated back to 1936 with 7 or 8 doubles that inning.  It may have also been the game where Matt Holiday hit the longest home run in Busch III history at a estimated 469 feet.  If not, that was the night before.  Yesterday he hit another and Beltran had one right after that as part of a 7-0 Cardinal victory!   Go Cards.  They need this after a horrible road trip recently.

Sunday arrived and I had gotten as far as only two vertical locking lines to go.  By the time I closed up shop last night I had 14 of the 24 blocks done, leaving 10 for today.  Actually the blocks are going fairly quickly since I am just stitching in the ditch around the center square and flippy triangles.  It takes a bit of zig zagging and pivoting but I'm used to that.  One corner requires some double stitching but that is okay too.

Tomorrow is Bama Belles again.  I know that one of the girls wants me to show her how you do the join on the binding to close it off on the quilt itself.  The Pineapple Blossom can be the example one.  Beyond that, I am going to take one top from the 6 in the closet (Faux Log Cabin I am thinking) to pin. I can use one of those larger batts that Judy and I had pieced  together from the batting leftovers she donated.  I will also pin one of Linda C's that is in the church closet.  That will leave 4 personal projects and 4 pro bono projects to go in my OWN closet.

I am taking my machine though so I can piece a bit on the Prairie Stroll  I started at the sew-in.  The link shows what half the blocks would look like when sewn. You reverse the position of the not strip pieced sections for half the blocks.   I need to add the light strip to all 48 blocks and then the larger strip across the top and they will be done.  Easy chain piecing, really.

I think I'll go load up the car with most of what I will need.  Soon enough it will be lunch time. Good leftovers on hand too.   Yesterday was "spoil your husband day" as DJ got his all time favorite meal of turkey and trimmings though the only thing I used the oven for was heating up some Sister Shubert IQF yeast rolls.  Stop top, microwave and crockpot to the rescue.  Even the pumpkin pie was no-bake though my recipe calls for one egg, not two. Of course, now DJ thinks spoil your husband days should occur more often.  He can take it, LOL but I told him he does all right for himself.  I got two meal compliments two nights in a row----he doesn't tell me that often!   I think I'll go track down some ciabatta rolls though so we can have a turkey sandwich for one of today's meals.  No cooking tonight!

Lastly, here is Skyler keeping me company this morning and looking out the recently mowed yard.  DJ had discovered the fire ants making a mound under the splash pad by the downspout and had treated them to some ant stuff.  That is why it is sitting out in the middle of no where.  Well, I had some ants in here too on the pressing table.  Maybe after the scent of the homemade pressing spray--one recipe has a bit of liquid starch in it.  I have also seen them in the iron in years past.  Man, I hate those things!  With that dark green carpet in here, Skyler usually spots them moving long before we do.  I was whopping them pretty good with the checkbook when I saw them.

And sew it goes 'round here----hope you have a great day in whatever you chose to do.


  1. Skyler looks pretty happy with his view of the world! You are certainly making progress on the donation quilts. Is it the lure of a reward project? Or, just wanting to get them moved on? Either way, well done! It always feels good to get the obligations off our shoulders. I appreciated the note about how you quilt the bow tie quilts. It would never have occured to me to simply quilt diagonally--with the jogs of course. Sometimes I miss the simplest of solutions!

  2. You've been a busy little bee this weekend - good for you!! Don't forget to keep Skyler company and look out the window yourself every once in a while - ;))


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