Jul 29, 2012

Still quilting---and will be for a while yet!

 Here is the view similar to what I have been looking at for a week!    It is paying off.

Puss in the Corner that was half done----finished and out for binding.

Pineapple Blossom----quilting finished and stacked

Scrappy Bowtie---quilting finished and stacked.

All three of those tops can be seen HERE

My yesterday's quilting to finish the challenge strings I had started the day before----yep, done except for the hand finishing on the binding.  I found a nice 5 pointed star in EQ and then printed off the block to a size that would fit in the actual block.  I rubber cemented the paper to some heavy weight template plastic so I could mark the top.  Where the marking lines would be too hard to see I traced the shape onto template plastic and then quilted around that.  I'll point it out when the quilt is posed for its glamour shot.

And then there is today's project.  That Jelly Roll 1600 scrappy version from back in 2011--well most of my tops were done in 2011 for the scrappy challenge so no surprise there, LOL.  I call this Hot Mess for a reason---not my style at all.  BUT it too is quilted and hand finishing on the binding awaits.

Both of these last two are in the 2012 finishes tab even if they are not quite there.  Close enough for me!

I had thought about doing some cutting tonight.  I still might but most likely will kick back and relax the rest of the evening.  My upper back and shoulders would thank me to do so.

I have a pile of 5 different colors (on the far left atop the sewing table tray) that might work for pattern I have downloaded on the computer by Debby Kratovil for Blank Quilting called Chantal.  I don't see it on the Blank Quilting free patterns but they have a ton of pattern on site.  Worth your while to go look.   The link above is on Debby's free pattern page.  I would need to re-size and make rectangular quilt so the pattern wil need some review and tweaking for Wrap Them in Love size needs.  I have been looking at most of this pile for months now and I think some pink fabric I pulled the other day may work for this-------I'll find out soon enough.

The middle pile----a BOM that a long time WTIL list mate passed on to me.  It makes up into a large bed sized quilt but I figure I can make two smaller ones instead.  One of these days I would like to get HB Judy's gift stuff started.

And of course, another quilt at the ready.   This one happens to be Picnic BQ1 from back in Sept. 2011 and the picnic fabric came from Over the Rainbow Quilt Shop as a "pay it forward".

I had kind of, sort of told myself when I got to the half way point on the pro bono quilting that I would quilt my own August Button Up project in between.  Picnic BQ gets done and I am there.  4 down and 6 to go provided I don't pin the other 4 in the closet and mess up my numbers again, LOL.   No chance of that happening as I am going to piece for several weeks after this onslaught of quilting is done.  Just so the ones in the closet get pinned before we get to the holiday months and essentially don't meet.

And sew it goes-------not much to show but hey, I have been a busy, busy girl!

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  1. I just did a donation quilt with 2 1/2" strips, but have to get the backing ready before I bring it in. I also have 2 that I need to pin for Christmas gifts for family members before I can start on anymore new donation quilts.....I think I have 3-4 here that I need to bind and turn in


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