Jul 11, 2012

WIP Weds

Sounds good anyway, LOL.  Posted by a Facebook and Guild friend

Last night, and into today, I had some things on the mental list that needed tending.  This was the contents of a box Mom and I had packed up when I was back home.  My sister had offered to UPS it to me since she often visits the mailing spot to help her husband in his job.  DJ had to haul it back to the sewing room and said "I wish you would tell your friends and family not to be mailing such heavy boxes!"  14 lbs worth, LOL.

The fact that it had not come so soon after my arrival back from Illinois gave me time to find some room for this shipment. The pile on the left is abandoned blocks.  I pulled out the blue-y pastels one thinking they might work in with the stuff on my design wall---the abandoned project pro bono quilt I spoke of yesterday.  There is another stack of more fall toned blocks that I set aside for now.  And then, there are some that I will pull apart for the fabric as I like the fabrics but not what they were used for.

The basket fabric was put with the other basket fabrics that Maggie, Sheila and Mom had sent me.  I love basket blocks so I would like to use that for a  basket sampler project.  I will use some of it in the Farmer's Wife Sampler (FWS) though since there are several basket blocks included in it.  I had even located that missing piece of my own in one of the fabric bins the other day.  Since I had emptied out the temporary project box for the August button returning all the greens, etc to their starting off point, that freed up a spot.

The 30's charm pack---I've got bits of that in four different places along with a larger snap tote of feed sack fabric.  I found a spot, LOL.  I may work some of it into my Two of Kind/Cheap Trick shown HERE.  I have not worked on that one for a while and forgot what size things needed to be cut. 

The blacks and grays?  I had made room recently switching a couple bins etc around where I could get at the basket a bit more easily.  That was easy enough.  I love that pink with tan dots---kids quilt or it may work into the Popsicle Sticks project, FWS blocks, if I ever get around to replicating the Indiana Puzzle I made for my niece Beth shown HERE.

Also last night I was on the hunt for something to use for iron caddy pad that I will be making at the Christmas in July sew-in this weekend.   I knew I had several pieces of sewing themed fabric but where were they?  I was digging in all the appropriate totes on the sewing room shelves in that hunt.  Finally I found this pink and blue button print-----oh, is this piece old!  But then so is the red and green spool print that I dug out at the same time, LOL.  Then my eye went to this pink and white stripe that I will cut on the bias for the binding pieces.  It calls for one inch buttons, preferably shank type.  I found these in my button box and think I WILL try to use them rather than make a store run for others.  Look like a wad of chewing gum, don't they?  The caddy pattern looks cute enough to be a purse! In fact, Jane thought she might want hers to BE a purse.  The fabric she had gotten would have looked cute if she lined it with her alternating piece.   I still need to cut out the section I need and the binding, obviously.

Since I was already deep into head sweating with ironing fabric, I decided I better get this pile of binding pressed and rolled.   (The a/c was not on at the time and the two fans I had on were not keeping up with the humidity outside)



Now the table is cleared off and I can cut the caddy sections.

The a/c is on now and I believe that I will sew the two on the left onto the appropriate donation quilts.   Jane has dibs on two of the quilts in the stack that I have quilted but one of the Belles that lives near me has volunteered to take a couple more off my hand.  I had set aside one of the pro bono quilts when I went on vacation and never got back to it.  I should finish it up.  I don't think that will be happening today but you never know!

Tomorrow I will need to do the grocery run, pack up my stuff for the sew-in and I am signed up to bring a dessert.   I'm thinking Tex-Mex sheet cake might be just the ticket.   DJ said to just get something from Wal-mart's bakery but I won't do that.  A lot of the girls do but I like to bake and store bought stuff does not cut it for me.  That sheet cake does not have to be in the oven long since you bake it on a jelly roll pan plus it satisfies that taste for chocolate and it is GOOD!  Yep, got a plan.

Now I best get back to it----- 

EDIT---I was asked about a recipe link for my Tex-Mex Cake.  Try this one  


  1. And the link to the recipe is - ???? - ;))

  2. well, guess I know why you are not around today! busy, busy! just checking in to say I am back in blogland, back reading, and back to working on Max's quilt! catch you tomorrow hopefully!


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