Jul 6, 2012

Friday check in

Well, I got ONE watermelon pieced anyway to go with the backwards cut crow.  Too bad I accidentally cut off the seam allowance on one side of it.  I cut out replacement sections, prepared another foundation base and didn't touch it at all yesterday.  Probably a smart move when things are not going so well.  I want to love this project, after all.

It's 2:30 Friday afternoon and I STILL haven't touched it but today was laundry and errands to run.  At one point it was far cooler in the car than the house so I did not mind running all over the Calhoun County countryside so much.

I am still getting myself organized to start cutting on the Farmers Wife Sampler.  I have the Marti Michell template sets that I want to use for the job though there is one more thing I plan to order with my birthday money from DJ next month.   Make that two things as I want the smaller sized log cabin ruler she has.  I really like the larger one and was using it with good result on "My Sunshine" last seen HERE.  

To help with the organization deal I ran to the thrift store yesterday.  Some of my grocery errands were right next door so that was a plus.  I knew that I wanted to use some plasti-dip on the back of all the templates.  It would be easier to keep them on a cookie sheet or something to carry them outside to spray them.  No luck finding a cookie sheet but I DID find an old cafeteria tray.  Perfect!  I see traces of glitter on it so I am thinking someone else had used it for a craft project at some point.  When the picture was taken I were all sprayed along with a few of my fav rulers and 4 trips outside.

 That was a nice morning project!  One of these days I will actually put these to use.  Right after I am done with the Button Up top, I  keep telling myself.  The initial 9 blocks I will cut almost exclusively use set B since they concentrate on a 3 x 3 grid and a 6 inch finished block.
...... here is what it looks like now.  The package inserts with pattern suggestions are filed in the Farmers Wife Sampler notebook I have set up.  I am not saying that this is how it is going to remain but until I can get another small container with a snap lid similar to what I keep my thread in, this will do.  I'll be going near a store that carries those next Tuesday or if I go north, next Friday.  Combine your  trips when possible.

And here is what the latest tweaking of the blocks looks like.  I just cannot resist playing with the designs---adding some, dropping others that I decided I liked more.  By now I would have to call this "inspired by Farmer's Wife Sampler" since half is original and the other half, my choices.

It is another hot summer day, of course.  At one point there were some thunderstorm warnings out but I think that has passed over.  Hot and hazy with sun blazing right now with high 90's predicted.  Just like most of the country, in other words.  It might be safe to try to re-make a watermelon until any pop up thunder rolls in as it has been doing.

And sew it sort of goes 'round here--------


  1. Hmmmmm - 3x3 grid and a 6 inch finished block - sounds familiar - ;))

  2. Sounds like you are pretty much set. Can't wait to see some of your finished squares. :)


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