Jul 1, 2012

testing, testing---is this thing on?

Just trying something out.  Once I get started on the Farmers Sampler quilt there is supposed to be a way of using Flickr photo stream with a mosaic maker from BigHugeLabs so I was testing it out.  I am hoping that they will click bigger but no way of knowing that till I post it.  Links are below.

These are older WTIL quilts that I have up in a Flickr album.  I am NOT very faithful about loading others.  Some I made, some from my mom and my friend Joy.  Some, like the t-shirt quilt, Joy and I worked on together.  5 are from a Noah challenge fabric that Mom, Joy and I all participated in.  Still, it is always fun to visit old favorites from the past.  Elsie's Modified Trip Around the World is one that I am considering doing though I might use Eleanor Burn's Quick Trip Quilts to accomplish it.  If you are interested in the pattern source for any of these, let me know.

1. Linda's Simon top 2, 2. Linda's Kris 3 patch, 3. Noah's Baby Picture Frame, 4. Richard with completed Tshirt quilt, 5. Noah's Ark Interlocking Squares, 6. Here and There no borders, 7. Linda's challenge bonus quilt, 8. Linda's Storm at Sea Challenge quilt, 9. Linda's Sporting Bears Churndash, 10. Linda's One Blind Frog, 11. Elsie's Modified Trip Around the World, 12. Linda's No Name 9 Patch Duo, 13. Linda's Millennium Mystery, 14. Linda's Animal Interlocking Squares, 15. Joy's Noah Challenge quilt


  1. It looks like you are in search of ways to feature multiple pictures like I am. I tried making a slide show, but I was only able to make a movie--which I guess is a version of a slide show.

  2. I like one photo with its name attached - rather than a lump of photos and then a lump of names - but then again - it's probably just me - ;))


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