Jul 16, 2012

Monday check-in

Friday morning came and it was time to be off to the Christmas in July 3 day sew-in with the Friendship Quilters Guild in Pell City.  The Calhoun County contingent had signed up for Friday and Saturday only.  Hubby, at left, gets a little bent out of shape when I am gone "too much".  I always tell him it could be far worse as I COULD be gone just about every day of the week, somewhere at some quilt group IF I wanted to.

But really I do not get anything done on my home projects if I am gone like that.  After all, my Belles had just met a few days before.  Thursday was shot as well with errands to run. I needed to be sure DJ had something here at home he could for lunch if he did not want to go out and better yet, leftovers so I would not need to cook Friday evening if I was too tired.  Of course, I had Tex-Mex cake to bake to share with the gang too.

The other thing, Skyler just sleeps all day apparently when I am not  home to roust him.  DJ was adding that guilt trip on me too-----"YOU were not home to play with him. He won't run and play with me"  Just look at those poor neglected fellows.  Feel sorry for them?  Naw, me neither, LOL.  They'll get over it.

The theme of the sew-in programs was things that we could make for Christmas gift giving.  We had to sign up if we wanted to participate in the sections as some were preparing kits and some had a supply list ; they needed a head count. Some of the things offered----pitter patter slippers, chenille scrarf, a scarf made from various yarns, e-reader cover, vintage pin cushion and needle case, a foundation pieced needle case and a collegiate folded star ornament---pick Auburn or Alabama.   The program committee could keep you in 2 hour class sessions all 3 days if you wanted.  Some sessions were repeated by arrangement with the instructors as well.   Of course, you could work on your own projects if you preferred.  I got a good start on the Prairie Stroll top that I cut out and showed you in a recent post.

I am showing the three things I made and/or am in the process of completing.  On Friday Carole walked us through making this little twister wall hanging.   She had provided the fabric kits and Christmas squares for this.  I quilted it up yesterday but had elected to use a darker colored binding than was provided in the kit.   Finishing up the binding is on today's list of "to do's"  I made a little hanging tab so I can affix it to the holly and pear hanger from Ackfeld Wire.  One of the guild members has a business license and sells out of her home and at quilt shows so she had some hangers for sale.  I have other Ackfeld hangers in my home and snapped this little cutie up!  I knew that this type would have to be sewn onto the hanger as I did with the Be Attitude quiltlets so I'll add a small snap to the tab and back of the piece.  Mark this down as a "getting there" project.

Sarah does the most gorgeous Victorian themed projects as well as felts wool and explores the folk art, primitive aspect of quilting. Wonderful stuff!  I am not quite done with the Vintage spoon as I need to hand stitch the bowl of the spoon yo-yo to the doily.  The fabric is vintage handkerchiefs but lined with a dark huck cloth and then stuffed.  Sarah found me some peachy-pink ribbon that I will lace through the doily holes and then I will embellish with the little leafs and a button.  These girls were hitting the thrift stores and yard sales for some of the supplies though Sarah was sharing from her ribbon collection for her sessions.  Oh, I should also tell you, when they could not find the small doilies that they needed one of the girls in the guild did a bunch of them up for the kits.  I do not crochet with thread and barely do with yarn so I admire that Dixye was able to provide them for us.

After the spoon project was near enough to completion, we moved on to the iron caddy pad with Shelia's assistance.  I had most of this done by the time I left on Saturday.  The binding had to be hand finished and the button sewn on----picture was taken yesterday afternoon when that part was completed.   Ironing pad surface up of course and ready for the next sew-in, come October??  Or is that the retreat?

Shelia had completed 3 of these as examples.  Not only did she have the full sized one like I made up but the junior travel iron sized and even a mini version not included in the pattern for an itty bitty iron she had purchased at a quilt shop.  Too cute!

Here it is all folded up with the iron inside.  I think those bubble gum ball buttons came from my friend Cindy.  I know the fabric is from way back in 1993 so about time it found a use, right??

I do love the time away at the sew-in's.   Fun, fellowship, good food, sharing with like minded people.  I might get more done at home but I didn't do too badly.  It takes some time to put all the stuff you drug with you away but that is part of it.  I am always grateful that I finally found some quilters and spending time with them is such a blessing to me.  After all, that took two long years to happen, way back when!

DJ and I just passed the 15 year mark of living here in Alabama, yesterday--- July 15, 1997.  That might be way I was commenting about the two long years part.  Yeah I can sew without others and did.  I didn't get my first computer until the following year November of 98.  Then the whole world opened up to me and guess what?  I finally met a local quilter named Joy online in August of 99.  Through her, because she knew "everybody", I found a few of my local quilting friends.  Others came along in the years that followed, groups evolving.   I had to laugh recently when a quilting friend I met maybe 10 years ago met one of my pals from a year ago in my presence.  It was like "how do you know Linda?"  No one would have met if not for me---or it would have taken a little longer to have it happen, more like.  LOL

Okay, other things on the "to-do" list after I finish my little wall hanging  Start the hand button hole on those watermelon seeds.  The proper machine is still set up to do the machine button hole applique.  After that, I have a couple labels to sew on some donation quilts---and they need the same machine.  Finish quilting #4 pro bono quilt, same thing.  

Okay, now that the a/c was turned on, I am heading to the shower and get dressed.  Hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by my little spot in bloggerland.

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  1. Great stuff!! My faves are the bubble gum ball button and the candy-stripe binding - so CUTE!! And I think that everybody needs their own little spot in bloggerland - preferably with a/c - ;))


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