Oct 8, 2014

a bit more

Yesterday and today's little finishes

First up the Longaberger sewing basket liner.  Just a little dated in the fabric department thought I have a bit more of this same yardage somewhere, LOL.   I'm going for "matchy-matchy"  on the sewing room re-do and still have fabric to use that matches my new curtain, etc..  I took the old one apart to make a pattern from it.

I drew it up on freezer paper though I should have found the compass and drew up a new center.  The radius of the circle is 5 inches.   That meant the circumference was 31.5 almost (I had to google it as I obviously would not remember the mathematical formula  c=2pi(r) )  but this piece measures 34.5 when the long piece is sewn together at the short end.  It would have to be eased in.

So I busied myself attaching the leftover jumbo red rick rack from a previous project ("Rise and Shine" chicken Button Up wall hanging actually around the chickens wings and the sun rays)  and a bit of edge stitching.  None of the red ribbon I had on hand "went" with the rick rack so I got a small roll of ivory 3/8 grosgrain ribbon to tie the little sections together.   TADA!  Gingham goodness.

Then this was today:  mug organizer

Mind you there is absolutely nothing wrong with this liner.  It was a birthday gift to me a few years back from my friend Norma in my beloved 30's prints.  I will still use it but it is going with my "sewing away from home bag" that I'm packing up and with a few less goodies in it.

And here we go with the completed new one.   I had planned to use a pattern I own from Buckets Gone Wild but changed my mind after reading through both patterns.  Norma mailed me the original pattern along with the mug organizer that came from A Great Notion Quiltworks near her in BC.  Maybe a shop hop giveaway even??   I could see how the original went together so any head scratching I had could be figured out by looking at it.

So there we go!  Two more strikeouts

That leaves skirting the computer desk (tension rod and cafe curtain rings) and a sewing mat for my sewing table.  A tomorrow job probably though.

Skyler woke me up early today and it was a little after 5.  I knew that the lunar eclipse was supposed to be happening about that time in the central time zone so I pulled on my clothes from yesterday and headed out to watch.  I was a bit hampered by the nearby trees and houses in the subdivision and of course, the closer it got to sunrise, the lower the moon got.  I had to give it up about 6:20.  I figured I would be waving at the paper carrier if I sat out in my yard with my little foldable arm chair much longer.  Kit Kit was the only thing stirring other than Skyler meowing at me from the house.  He had, after all, gotten me up to feed him and had not counted on my taking a detour for outside let alone, entertaining another cat!  Oscar did not appear to care what I was doing.

I've been feeling a little punky today and did go back to bed once the critters were fed and watered for about two hours.  Headache and a little woozy headed.  I was hoping it was just from lack of sleep as I get that way when I am overly tired.  Mainly, I am hoping it is NOT the starts of one of those transient vertigo episodes I sometimes get.  I took some Meclizine and then didn't think I should be driving or trucking up and down the lane with the dog.  Poor Oscar is getting the short end of the stick though I have let him come back in for awhile a couple times instead.  Toss his toys around and let him run and play in the house.   I don't know that I feel much different now than I did this morning.  That is why I will just ponder my next sewing steps rather than proceed this evening though I might get some measurements for cafe curtains before I call it quits in the sewing room.  I see some kindle reading or washcloth knitting on tap for this evening.

My St. Louis Cardinals are going on to the NCLS.  I'm afraid without DJ here that I have not been following the team near as closely this year.  Between not sharing that interest with him and ditching the sports package on the satellite programming we have, I have not watched that many games or turned into MLB gameday all that much.   I checked the score at the 6th innning, once I even remembered that the game started at 4, and  the Cards were 2 runs down.  Then they scored 3 on a homer by Matt Adams and the relievers held it up!  Woohoo there then!  Good to see that the American League is being represented by someone other Boston, Detroit and the Yankees for a change.   Got to wonder if 1985 when KC played the Cards (and won the series, dang it!) was the last time they were in it?  How long has it been for Baltimore?   Of course, the Cards and Giants have met up several times recently in divisional play.  We'll see what happens, I guess.

And sew it goes---or doesn't go in some cases, LOL.

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