Oct 11, 2014

Finished or not??

This morning I took the last few stitches in what could possibly be my last sewing re-do item.  There is just some binding left, about 16 inches worth.  I told myself  I would only work on it till 9 p.m. last night regardless of how much or how little was let to go.

So Thursday I went the no sew route and skirted the table as I am mightily tired of this old mess of wires.  Actually it was WORSE at one point but I was able to sort it all out a bit better but it still annoys me.



I had a set of gold cafe rings and a white tension rod to match the desk but NOT with that brushed nickel look of the hardware.  I already had a brushed nickel cafe rod on hand so just got another back of rings.  About 3 buck of happiness there.  Not perfect but better!  Wanna guess which critter goes exploring under there first?

Friday was sewing mat day.  I already have the two accessories in the mug organizer and big chicken pin cushion in place.  The Singer is really getting a workout lately!



The pattern is from Sunday Girl Designs on etsy Sewing Mat Organizer Thread Catcher  but I took some liberties.  LOL  can't help myself sometimes!  My palette was a bit limited and I had to use more floral than anything else.  Though the pattern did not call or it, I quilted the base of the mat with a wide cross hatch and cut the whole thing about 2 inches wider and longer to suit my needs. I lost a hair of that in trimming it up after quilting but like the looks of it better. ( I am not convinced I like fusible batting.)  I did not bind it as she suggested, preferring to miter the corners.  Nor did I use store bought binding---not when I have fabric and can make my own bias binding that coordinates better and is better quality fabric.

I was not quite understanding what I was supposed to do with what would be the top pocket so I just left the top one bigger and all across rather than two divisions.  I also made a scissors loop and attached it to the pocket so they will always be handy.  I may have to shorten the the ribbon a bit more but will see how it works out.

I changed out the thread catcher bag in the pattern for one that matches the other one in the room in the same colors.  Dreamy Dresden Thread Catcher like I made for the September hop, I like that square shaped bag.  It is still detachable but no velcro.  The change up was that I suspended it from a covered button and tab.  I had to pull out one of my Button Up patterns to refresh my memory on just how wide a strip to cut as that has worked out well with a fairly large button.  Answer:  1 3/4 and I used a 1 1/8 inch button.  That idea was from another pattern I keep coming back to on sew mama sew Elizabeth Hartman from Oh, Fransson in a guest tutorial but she attached the loop to the pincushion and put the button on the bag. I did it the other way around, LOL.

Basically I worked with three fabrics for all my sewing room items.  The brown dot is almost gone and after using the red gingham for the desk skirting, I'm down to small bits there too.  I have maybe three yards of the floral left and small pieces.  I won't be able to find any more of any of this line it being a Riley Blake from 2010 Farm Fresh October Afternoon.  I've done my best to use it all up!  Am I done??

Well, now the red dot of my cat multi machine cover does not go!  Too bright, not the same shade of red though the sides of do blend well with the gingham, oddly.  Since I have the floral print left, I may just make one o those simple tie on covers.  I have enough gingham binding cut to take care of the edges off it.  Wouldn't take too long to do it either.   This one on Ellyn's Place is pretty cute though I have a couple others marked on Pinterest.    Wouldn't have to be pieced and I like the side scrunchies.  You know I am probably going to head into the sewing room and whip one up, don't you?  You may be right--if not today, then tomorrow.  Pacie clips yet too.  That was the last item on the list.

It has been sort of a strange day.  Pouring down rain this morning messing up Oscar's schedule a bit and consequently he has been in the house a good bit today.  Let him out untended in the backyard then deal with red muddy paw prints repeatedly.  I passed in going to Friendship Quilters as I was just not feeling well and wondering if I had an intestinal bug even.  So no walking in the park, just the lane.  Oscar was conked out napping in his crate and Skyler, on "his" chair in the kitchen, me writing this post.  Oscar was not running away from Skyler, Skyler was not chasing and hissing, I was not hollering at one or both of them.  Peaceful.  Haven't done much but maybe that part does not matter.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.  Enjoy your holiday weekend with family and friends!  I may just call this my day off and read, knit or embroider a bit.  And sew it goes------

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  1. Day off, indeed!! Even an energizer bunny needs a day off now and then - ;))


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