Oct 6, 2014

More strikeouts

A couple of other small finishes this weekend-------

First the fabric liner basket using the tutorial from Linda at Buzzing and Bumbling.  I didn't get it quite as snug as the original one I made for a guild fabric challenge.  Mostly because I was trying to pin up the sides over the tin and had to be able to get the tin OUT, I think.  The first one was a hppy accident that it fit.  MAKING it fit was a little less successful.  Now I match the rotary cutter sleeve that always sits next to it.   (Kitty, see the basket I told you I was working on so you can chase some more squirrels from me at some point!?)


Then the iron cover was yesterday.  Looks sort of like a shower cap, don't think?  I looked at the pattern I own from Kay's Quilts and ditched it.  However, I was okay with annihilating the existing commercially bought and all stretched out June Tailor Iron Cozy I owned, using it for a template.  I will say that two layers of insul-bright were NOT fun to sew through to make like the darts at the iron's peak or base.   AND the wrapper directions suggested using one layer of insul-bright and a layer of warm and natural or cotton batting for the condensation factor.  Oh well!  Just don't look too closely at the messy seams!!!!

Finished product.  I cut the "binding" on the bias at 2 1/2 inches but applied it single fold.  Then on the inside, folded to the edge of the iron cover and then folded it again as you would regular binding.  I stink at doing binding by the machine so did this by hand but left an opening to thread some 1/4 inch elastic through the formed casing.  I also thought briefly about self ties in the floral print--note" briefly!  You see that I decided to use this ribbon I had bought thinking I might use on the recently completed executive tote.

What's up today?  I think the sewing basket liner that might not even BE on that list.  Again, I took apart the old dated liner I had for a template.  I think I am going to use the gingham for this provided I have enough yardage left.  I'll press the pieces to some freezer paper and use that for my pattern.   Show you when it is finished.  

Then if I have time or inclination, I'll think about the mug organizer. Or more likely that is on the Tuesday list of things to do.   LOL, I'm working my way around the sewing room, I guess.  The mug organizer and sewing mat would be on the opposite wall from the pressing/cutting table.  I'm leaving the desk skirt till last as w hat I do is dependent on what remains, fabric wise.  I didn't buy much of the brown dot and had less of the gingham to start with.  Good thing I like the floral Riley Blake print, LOL!!

Look what came to live at my house!  I was lucky enough to win the mug rug from Kathy at Kwilty Pleasures in her recent Rush Hour Hop giveaway.  Kathy has a tutorial for making your own version of this, quilt as you go---see HERE.  I told her that I could no longer say that I don't have 1) a mug rug  and 2) any Rush Hour fabric to enjoy.  Goes well on my little table hear the couch!  THX again, Kathy!

And on a personal note:
I am really enjoying this cool spell we are having!  We have been down in the 40's and low 50's the last two nights.  The house temperature is down to 69 to 71 depending on which thermometer you are looking at so it has been much more comfortable sleeping weather.  BOY does that beat 79 which is where I set the a/c to trigger most of the summer!  Now I can shut that thing off and enjoy the small window of no heat and no a/c for a bit.   I DID put my cotton thermal blanket on the bed after the first night though, LOL.  I pulled the long pants and shirts to the forefront but still kept a couple pair of shorts where I could at them, when I did the laundry.  That is as much as I am sick of wearing the same old clothes after 6 months!

I even did some real cooking. not just heating or nuking something.  Pizza Pasta though I have an 8 x 8 pan for the freezer plus two servings of leftovers.  I made some zuke, carrot and onion stir-fry to go with it,  Then yesterday, my version of a Southwest Chicken corn and bean soup.  Again, a container for the freezer there as you can't add two kinds of beans, corn and hominy and not have a full pot!  I'm going to make some corn muffins today (had the last one from the freezer yesterday) and maybe even some cranberry orange nut bread for coffee break time--right after a grocery store run, that is.  I doubt this domesticity will last long but it felt good to be back in the kitchen making something besides a quick sandwich or tossing something together quickly.

Could stand to dust and vacuum as well but I am still making a mess in the sewing room so it is a little like, "why bother?"  I'm the only one who will see it.  Skyler and Oscar aren't going to chide me about it.  I did make the mistake of looking up in the sewing room and man, the ceiling fan could use some attention.  Yeah, don't look up, right?

And sew it goes------


  1. Sewing is so much more fun then cleaning, besides you do it and a week later it looks the same lol of course I'm one of those people who has to clean first then sew otherwise I can't seem to really enjoy quilting. It's a gorgeous day today so outside I'm going.

  2. So many cute little projects - and all crossed OFF the list - YAY!! And YES - I see the basket of squirrels - oh, goody!! Now I suppose that I should start getting my sewing room in order - and finish up EZ Street - so the squirrels have room to play - ;))


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