Oct 3, 2014

List strikeouts

I have managed to complete a few items from my last post----

The corrected and filled mongo chicken pincushion which matches my sewing room changeover.  The thread catcher one stays in that spot and the chicken at my side at the machine.   If I need to stand up to pin/unpin, it goes with me.

I put the finishing touches on the Koin Keeper today.   Exterior of the two wallets

Interior of the wallets

Also in the same tote of sewing goodies was this kit from way back in June.  The quilt came from Quilt Taffy and was what I selected with the gift certificate provided in Carol of Just Let Me Quilt blog hop giveaway that I was lucky enough to win.  I had started it at the June sew-in and did not get very far with it so I had to track down just where I left off today.  Basically the front of the bag and the zipper unit were prepped and that was it!

But my knitting will fit in their perfectly without the chance of one of the critters dragging out the yarn or the needles because I left it laying on the coffee table.  I really should get back to making some of these in the evening again. Though a 2nd one is almost done, I have not touched it since my return from vacation in mid August.  Blog Hops intervened, LOL.

I think I am done with all the red, white, black and gray projects that I want to do unless I make a tissue holder or a small zip bag for some reason.  All those pockets in the tote sort of make that un-necessary.  I put the fabric grouping up for now.

BUT I still have that list of gingham and coordinates stuff for the sewing room I want to do---

None of these will be a huge time investment and I cut and kit these.  Well, all but the curtain for my desk that is.  I figure another week of playing in the sewing room and then I will have to buckle down and machine quilt a bit.

We got some much needed rain this morning.  I am not sure how far behind we are on our rainfall totals but it has been dry again for awhile.  Word is that we are due for a cold front, that rain was probably the leading edge of it, but we could have overnight temps down in the 40's tomorrow.  Maybe even 30's in some of the lower spots come Sunday.  I am ready for it to be acting like fall.  Still wearing shorts and the a/c is running.  Some days it may not click on till about 3 or 4 pm but once it hits about 78 in here you are ready for it!   Here and there you see the signs of leaves changing.  A couple flocks of geese flew over when Oscar and I were out for our last walk of the day.  They were angling away from the nearby lake heading sort of  north and west.

Well, I've got a dog barking to come back in the house.  He does this lately, acts like he needs to go out do his business but all he does it bark, as far as I know.  What exactly he is barking at is not apparent but I don't leave him out there to annoy the neighborhood!  Hope you have a good weekend planned------


  1. Love that last little bag! I would love a bag with a window to see what's inside. And your chicken is awfully cute! I keep a pincushion by the machine and one on the worktable. It has saved so many steps because I've forgotten the pincushion. (and gives you a reason to make another chicken)

  2. Cute stuff!! - and crossing stuff off a list is always fun - ;))

  3. Hi Linda,It was fun to see all of the things you are working on.I was surprised that there wasn't anything for Halloween in there. lol You have been so busy girl..
    I love the bag. Like the idea of being able to see into it. I have a cute little purse kit that I got last year just waiting for me to begin, but lately I've been too busy with company here and church fair projects ti get much else done. AND I am so proud of myself for doing a downsizing of my fabric stash. I gave away a lot of it and its a good feeling to actually be able to find things more easily. (I think that you did some of this sort of thing in the Spring didn't you? ). Well guess I need to get supper going. Hugs,maggie


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