Oct 1, 2014

Sewing....and unsewing

I have gotten a little bit of sewing done since the blog hop and yesterday's scheduled post.

I did the ipad/tablet stand for Jane on Monday afternoon and the wonder wallet on Monday evening while Skyler and Oscar took turns hiding under the skirt on the sewing/pressing table.  I've done enough of those that I didn't even look at the directions to sew it---and then forgot about the stitching you do to join the 3rd and 4th pockets and form a coin area.  I got it done but after the fact.  OOPS!

Yesterday I got a little ahead of my self and reverted back to the sewing room re-do projects.  I want a gingham chicken pin cushion.  Those tablet stands sort of look like chickensand no doubt, that is why I had the bug.   I want it to be as big as the one I have been using, that Veronica sent me (empty for mailing) when my beloved one died.  I asked her if she knew what size she had cut the initial squares.  Too much water over the dam and she doubted she could find her notes about the pattern changes.

SOOO I gutted an extra one I had.  Looked like the squares were 4 1/2 inches on it, but it was much smaller.  I'll go with squares cut 7 1/2" and then 5" and 6" for the tail feathers prairie points, 2" for the comb prairie points and a hair smaller for the beak square.  I cut it all out last night and sat down to sew this afternoon.  I looked at a few websites.  Even watched the You Tube video from Missouri Quilt Company. She shows a bigger one but does not say how big to cut them, just two equal sized squares.

I called this post "sewing and unsewing" so you KNOW I messed up, right?

OOPS!!  This one has his beak scraping the ground!  It is also a good bit bigger than the one I was trying to make.  That one measures about 5 inches across the backside while mine measures 7 inches.  I'm guessing if I started with 7 1/2 inch squares then 6 inches might have been the better choice.  BUT that part doesn't bother me near as much as the mess I made.  Obviously I chose the wrong side of the three sides to sew before you match up that seam with the prairie pointed end.  Not only did I have to remove that seam but I had basted the tail feathers in so they would not slip.    I had to take the seam out on the 3rd side too since I had to be sure to leave an opening to turn it and fill it!  I had interfaced it as well with medium weight fusible interfacing making it a little harder to remove the old lines of thread.

BUT I am back on track.  It is fixed. I think it will be cute and it matches the curtain and table skirt deal.   I want to use bean bag pellets in this one as I love those in the existing pinnie  (and the one that expired )but will need to make a store run tomorrow.    I need to go anyway for several zippers for another project I have in mind.  I have a kit from Connecting Threads for the Zip Zip Bags and of course, that is just the fabric for two bags and the pattern.  Zippers and d-rings not included.  I possibly need cording for the pacie clips I told you about..  I have something that I could use but it feels like of plastic-y and is glittery;  I am concerned about the suitability should Lily start chewing on it.

See that little babies head peeking out on the computer screen?  Hooded ruffled girly towel from Stitched by Crystal..  Think Lily needs one of them too?

Well, you know where to find me---at the machine or cutting table.  I would like to work on the Koin Keeper yet this evening---now that I have chickens under control!!


  1. You have gotten a lot of sewing done...and unsewing. I used to make these chickens and cannot tell how many times I was laughing and crying at the places those beaks and tails would end up when each chicken was turned right side out. Have fun with your sewing projects...

  2. "Sewing and unsewing" - should be my middle names - haha - but it looks like you have it all under control - so I want to know about that keyboard that I see under your little shelf there - that is SO cool - WHERE did you get that???? - ;))

  3. It sounds like you were having fun with this. I need to make one of these chicken pinnies. They are so cute.

  4. you are on a roll my sweet lady...I am loving these stands

  5. I haven't yet gotten to the iPad/kindle stand. But I did bookmark it for later.

  6. Love the title of your post! That title makes you one of the most honest people I know. I used to recycle projects when things went wrong. Now I am amazingly fast with a seam ripper. Love those chickens, too!


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