Sep 30, 2014

The " next ups"

By the time this post goes live I hope to be working on the three items I mentioned in my last post.  That means that I have the guild newsletter behind me and have time to do a little sewing.  None of these should be too time consuming but fun things to whip up and use a bit more of the fabrics I purchased for the last blog hop.   I've also got a list of about 7 household things that need attention so it would be good to see some cross-outs happening there as well.   As DJ was always saying to me "who gave you all those jobs anyway?  aren't you retired?"  Not always sure about the source of the work but it DOES happen.

The ipad/tablet stand for Jane.  Tutorial on Factotum of Arts

I need those heavier needles before I think about starting this wallet,  .  I have made one before and like the style but it is a bit of a bear through multiple layers of interfacing (Decor Bond was used in their sample) This time I am trying with the interfacing cut down a half inch all around to try to keep it out of the seam allowances.  Auditioning buttons, LOL.

I've made or been gifted with a bunch of these over the years but again, I interface each piece almost even though it just calls for optionally doing the cover only.  I also like my friend Pam's idea of a elastic closure, especially if it is for those loyalty cards.

And here is one that I forgot the other day when I was writing up that list---DIY Pacifier Clips from Make It, Love It  (borrowing their image).  The pacie attaches on the loop of cording and Nana is supposed to be mailing me the "brand".

Of course I am making them for this little cutie pie.  11 weeks old almost.  Doesn't Lily look like she is giggling or someone is blowing on her tummy?

Still considering what I might use for a bag for the tablet and its accessories but no decision need be made just yet.  And sew it goes--------


  1. Such a sweet precious smiling face. Great gift ideas you are going to sew. I hope you post photos when finished. I have been meaing to sew those Lazy Girl wallets forever and haven't done so. Creative Bliss...

  2. love making the wallets, so much fun!


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