Sep 28, 2014

Last two days of Rush Hour Hop

Two days remain in the Rush Hour Hop!  This week has gone so quickly but then I was busy, busy, busy trying to get my main entry finished up.  Come back and see it on Monday (tomorrow), if you would please?  I've got my pictures taken and will be working on my post sometime today.  I also have the guild newsletter to get started on so it is a toss up which one I work on first, LOL.

There has been a schedule change so I'll re-post our cheerleader Carol's note since my list is buried a few posts back at this point.  Hope you'll join us or check out the Pinterest link at for the hop overview.  There have been some wonderful things made for this talented group!

Monday, September 29
Coeur d'Alene (moved from the 26th)

Tuesday, September 30

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  1. I love this Rush Hour blog hop. The amazing talents and inspiration projects are not to be missed. Creative Rush Hour Bliss...


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