Sep 11, 2014

a surprise in the mail

The mail lady honked a little bit ago meaning I had a package. However, as I walked out to the carport I was thinking "I didn't order anything".

As Janet was scanning in the codes, I told her I did recognize the mailing address as my friend Veronica from NM.  I've known her online for years and years, back in the old aCozy Quilt Bee days, 99 and on up.  The group eventually fell by the wayside but we keep in touch on Facebook as do several of the old gang.

She sent me a friendship/comfort quilt!  Some of the blocks are from the list friends, possibly other blocks swaps as I did not recognize any of the names on the card she sent with it.  My FAB pal Pam helped with the shipping costs.  Other than a quilt that the list made for me when I was moderating back in 99, no one has ever made me a friendship quilt.  I've been involved in making blocks or even assembly/quilting some over the years but now I have one of my own.  I am so touched by this and the message in the card that she sent with it.  Thank you so much, V and friends!

The quilting is wonderful, done quilt as you go.  Veronica is a pro at this, let me tell you.  Lot of my favorite colors in the blocks too.  It is just as pretty on the backside where you see all that wonderful quilting too.  Veronica did a two toned binding technique so you see the dark fabric on the front that frames it and then a yellow that matches that sashing on the back.

So quilty content, after all.  Who knew?  I'm waiting for glue to completely cure before I can finish up what I want to do today for my hop stuff, plugging along.


  1. That is a great surprise.

  2. what a fabulous quilt..and so special at the same time..I hope you sleep under it knowing how much you are thought of and loved!


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