Sep 24, 2014

Checking in

I am starting into day 5 of my sewing on my main blog item--half done at this point actually though I made a design decision a little bit ago and am swapping out a different fabric in two areas.  I'll be happier with that choice.  Today is day two of the Rush Hour Hop and the schedule is in the post right below this one.  Gotta love that black, red, white and gray combo--very classic!

Yesterday was Belles day though I hardly feel like I was there.  Silly me had finally gotten up the courage to try to do my first buttonholes in about 30 years late Monday evening.  I pulled out the manual, read, drug out the machine and set it up.   I did a couple trial attempts, ripped out the first attempt on the fabric that mattered and made the two buttonholes required for my project.  It was 10:45 when I put on a bit of fray check and turned out the light.  In my rush to get out of the house the next morning, I went off without my thread AND the sections I needed for the next steps.  As soon as the first person arrived after me, I "ran" home to get my stuff.   Running from my house to the meeting place means about 16 miles one way and 20 minutes in time approximately.

When I got home and dashed in the house, Robert was out mowing so I opened up the back gate and hung Oscar's leash on the back fence post if he had to move him out of the way to do the back yard.   All this talking over the running mower, LOL.  By the time I got back and seated at the machine it was about 1030 and couple more of the girls had arrived and were pinning a few quilts.  Three total it turned out.  Two came back with me,  one is one of three that I will simply quilt for Donna and the other a donation top of Aline's.

It was not long and the other 4 girls started what to do for lunch.  I had grabbed something on the way back from my quick trip so I passed.  I wanted to get to a certain point in the pattern before I left and had already lost an hour and fifteen minutes.  They all scattered and were not coming back.  I stayed till 2:15 with just bottom joining seams to go on the exterior which I took care of last evening once I had Oscar in his crate for the night.  I bent the living tar out of two heavy duty needles and several pins.  I'm talking about 110/18's!!!  I also may have gotten the dial stuck in the max pressure zone too.  BUT I am going to get back to sewing and keep plugging!

Oscar and I are loving this fall weather.  Neither of us were overheated on our morning walk in the park, cooler with a pleasant breeze blowing.  The park meanwhile has been quite the busy place the last two weeks.  The town's heritage days are coming up on Saturday and the park crew has been painting, cleaning up, mowing etc in preparation.  The bathrooms that have been out of commission for months have had a crew working on them though the keep out tape is still in place. Hopefully that porta potty will be a thing of the past soon!  The biggest deal though is that they are replacing the kids playground equipment and we have been watching the assembly process for over a week.  This thing is quite the set up and to quote the police lt. from their page on Facebook  "Did you know that (our town) now has the tallest playground slide in Alabama? Did you know we are also the first in the state to have a wheelchair accessible swing? " 

 I will have to get pictures taken.  There are  two slides and  they are at least 13 foot up, I think someone said.  The mountain of ground cover stuff is out of the parking lot today and under the playground equipment though some will need to be swept up at the park entrance.  Last time I was there they were putting in the concrete around the base of all the poles.

They are not done yet, either.  Today a crew was out pulling up the 4 basketball poles/goals.  I asked the city dude who was out inspecting, what they were doing with the "big black poles", etc.  There is some sort of an awning with seating or picnic tables that are going in there.  The basketball hoops are going to be moved to one of the tennis courts (they can spare the 2nd one)  and they are going to plant some trees where the poles were.  The town already has small skate park area and a BMX bicycle track in place for a couple years now.  Unusual for a small town like this really.  There had been talk of the police department taking over some of the old playground space for some of their vehicles but he said that has been ruled out for now.  Instead, once they clear out some/all of the old stuff they are building another pavilion, will have a new area for cooking/grilling and a dog run/walk/park area.  Oscar seemed to sniff the guy's shoes in gratitude but fortunately did not pee on them.

I think I told you about them opening up the back end of the park that runs along the old "railroad to trails" area behind it.  While I am always sorry to see trees go, it is sort of growing on me.  It has not affected the morning shade situation so that's good.  Things are a changin' all over the park.

Well enough gabbing, need to get to sewing and then later Day 2 of the Rush Hour blog hop to see.  Hope you enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by----------


  1. Goodness gracious - you're bending 110/18's ?1?!? - Can't wait to see what you're making - ;))

  2. You sure have busy days. I don't quilt but I appreciate the time and effort that goes into these works of art.
    I hope you have a lovely time at the fair. As you know I recently went to one and thoroughly enjoyed it.


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