Sep 18, 2014

around the house

I should not be surprised that Oscar was sick during the night.  I expected it when I caught him chowing down on the grass in the corner of the yard, doing his best goat impression.  Of course, all the bedding had to be washed including the mat in his dog crate.  Previously I was able to get by with just washing the sheepskin cover I had made and using some Resolve cleaner but not this time.

So we come back from his morning walk and I cannot find Skyler in any of his usual haunts.  Yep, you got it----it is all fresh smelling and clean in there so in he climbs.    What's more, he is not acting like he wants to come out either!  We'll see what happens when Oscar comes in for Round 2 feeding time.

That is not to say that Oscar has not benefited from his own bit of spoiling.  He got a new toy.  You can see it in the front of the crate.  I put the mutilated duck (one wing, one foot and half a head) outside so we can play a little fetch out there.

I also got the bright idea to give him a little booster step up to the car window, seeing as he is vertically challenged with those short dachshund legs.  Veronica had shipped my friendship/comfort quilt in a Boot box so I stuffed one our extra pillows in there to firm it up, taped it closed and shoved the whole deal in the jersey pillow cases I am not using.  We tested it out today and he kinda, sorta gets what he is supposed to do with that.  Still, on the return trip, he was UNDER the hammock again but only got as far as the well in the back.  Though I did feel a doggie nose at my elbow at one point, he could not hop up and interfere with my driving.

What goofballs these two are!  Oscar has taken to chasing back when Skyler goes after him so I am hearing a bit more barking lately.  I cannot really blame him for retaliating though Skyler has no front claws and is mostly bluffing.

No sewing yet though I do intend to get busy cutting as soon as I finish up an errand.  I know what I am going to do so it is just getting started.  The decks are cleared around the house though as I did most of the laundry yesterday.  The floors have all been swept or vacuumed.  Dusted the worse of it, you know all those things that don't get done when sewing and being creative is more important?  Got groceries too and even did some cooking ahead: poaching some chicken, making a batch of Italian meatballs.   The poaching liquid had some of the key ingredients of chicken noodle soup in it.  Boy, did that make me hungry for some but still a bit too hot for soup.  I am going to make fruited chicken salad but I know some of the meat is headed to the freezer too.  

On another note:
I do appreciate all of you who came by during the blog hop.  Some commented, others did not.  Fun to see what others did with the theme and visit their spots too.  I'm all caught up with that as of last evening!

We had pleasant overnight temps, probably in the mid to high 50's and it seemed less humid this morning.  Maybe not but there is that hint of fall in the air. Of course, it will BE fall officially next week but that doesn't mean much in the South where you can still be wearing shorts into October.  I am just so sick of sweating and would welcome the chance to open the windows and air out the house.  It's coming!


  1. Our cat loves taking over the dog's bed, the dog just stands there and looks at her!

  2. Soooooo what happened when Oscar came in for Round 2 feeding time?? - Did Oscar just stand there and look at Skyler like "Mad about Craft" said her dog does?? - or did Oscar chase him out?? - ;))

  3. I suspect that Oscar and Skyler will become friends over time.
    This cool morning is a delight. I had been feeling like it was going to be hot forever.


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