Sep 10, 2014

getting there!

This is going to be a most boring post, I am afraid but I wanted to assure you that I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth.  LOL  Just busy with life as it has come to be and trying to get finished up with my 3rd blog hop item as the deadline comes ever nearer.  I'll share the output with you on Tuesday the 16th but the post goes up late, late on Monday.

I AM seeing the light at the end of the tunnel getting a good bit of my project sewn at Bama Belles meeting yesterday.  Today's sewing will be minor.  The "installation" of said home dec object will take a bit longer as I am pushing my comfort zone with this.  Quilting is far easier for me, let's just put that out there.  Sorry but no other hints or previews!

 I hope you have been able to stop in to see what the group has been doing.  The schedule is on the previous post and of course, if you are hopping you follow the links around.  If you don't have or just want to see things in a nut shell, there is always  the pinterest feed at

In the meantime my nose may end up looking like a pencil if I keep it on the grindstone has it been.  LOL.

And just to keep this from being a totally pictureless post, how about a Lily picture.  Baby girl just turned 2 months and her mama got her all ready for her first Steelers game in this cheerleader outfit.  She looks pretty happy though I don't know if her daddy's team won or not!

THX for stopping by---


  1. Life can get quite busy and interfere with blogging. I am in that position myself.

  2. Love the photo of Lily - Go Steelers!! - ;))


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