Sep 20, 2014

Rush Hour Blog Hop--round the corner!

Again, I am not quite ready but I am working on it!!   My day is September 29th so I have a few days before I panic.   Actually 3 smallish projects are done.  Also all the preliminary prep work is done for my main project.  Sewing will commence in a few minutes, right after I get this tube turned and stuffed.  My main project is something I have wanted to do for some time and wished it HAD been done before I took my trip last month.  Didn't happen obviously but it is going to, LOL.

Here is the upcoming schedule, courtesy of our head cheerleader Carol of Just Let Me Quilt who leads things off on Tuesday.  You will know I am busy sewing if you don't hear from me for a few day

Tuesday, September 23

Wednesday, September 24

Thursday, September 25

Friday, September 26

Monday, September 29
Life, Quilts, and Cats, too   << HERE I AM! >>

Tuesday, September 30

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  1. I'm so looking forward to seeing all the red, black, and white!


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