Oct 19, 2014

critters and other stuff

Yesterday I did not feel much like sewing or quilting, which is what I really should have been doing.  I DID want to put away the container that I had been working out of for the last month though.  The Zip Zip bags kit was still in there so I went ahead and cut that stuff out.  Looks like I got a little carried away and sliced into the instructions pamphlet, LOL.  I didn't spot that till I headed into the sewing room to take this picture!

I do not get much done in the sewing room with Oscar in the house but he was in the house for the afternoon feeding and waiting patiently me to get my shoes changed so we could go walk. Read that as alternating between jumping against the gate twanging the metal and laying down, giving me the sad brown eyes and whimpering.  Bad Doggie Mama!  So I closed off the bedroom doors and let him roam in the hall and sewing room AKA Skyler's Space.

Mind you, I thought the door was closed!   I don't know which one of them knows how to push the door open. Maybe both of them can.   Look what I spotted when I followed the cat yowling noises.  Under the bed, I might expect as I have caught him under there before!  On top??  How did my leg challenged dogger get up there when my feet don't touch the floor when seated on the bed.  Either crawled up on the night stand or the blanket chest but that is still a bit high up or him.

These were taken on my phone camera the night before and in this sequence.  Both of them were napping and enjoying the afternoon sun.

Oscar was the first to circulate

Then Skyler had to see what/where Oscar was headed but still was enjoying the last of the afternoon light

Then they swapped places.   Oscar can and does get up on the coffee table occasionally but normally it is not covered with a quilted piece!

They can be the entertainment or exasperate me as much as unruly children might.  Skyler is so aggressive towards Oscar that when he and I are playing "fetch" with his Pinkie toy, Skyler jumps down from the love seat to chase Oscar as he runs back to the couch (and me) with his toy.  Oscar just takes it.  He will chase Skyler but only if he is running first.  Just wants to sniff his butt and Skyler's not having any of it.  Anyway, I end up telling Oscar to just leave the cat alone and "Skyler, no"-- a lot.

And yet, they can both be a comfort to me too, in their own way.  I was listening to some music yesterday, the lyrics kind of got to me (drawing my own parallels) and I was crying.  One of those missing DJ moments/days/hours again.  Oscar came running from the kitchen, hopped up on the couch, snuggled in and gave me some doggie kisses.  THX for that.  Critter version of a hug, I guess.  Skyler, on the other hand, loves to snuggle up against me when I flop down on the bed with him.  Yeah, I know it is mostly about him-- he wants petted or knows he has my undivided attention-- but I still love those moments together.

 I finally got around to making pizza last night, after being hungry for it for weeks.  I made my own sauce using a super simple no cook sauce from All Recipes  Exquisite Pizza Sauce (left out the hot pepper flakes as I do not like them or have any on hand).  Pretty good sauce actually and would be good on spaghetti too.  My crust recipe is one that I like after trying a bunch of them and practicing on DJ from Prepared Pantry in this Vegetable and Sausage Supreme recipe.  I made a thinner crust this time and did two small individual pizzas and took one down to Miss Kathryn as I know she prefers that from a conversation we had in the past.  I also shared several slices with Glynda and Robert.  They had already eaten, early like me so I guess lunch is covered.  I had not told any of them what I was up to so that should have been expected.   My leftovers went to the freezer.  One of these days I am going to try my hand at cinnamon rolls again.  Always hungry for those and now that it has cooled down a bit I don't mind the oven being on near as much, LOL.

My across the lane neighbor has moved out.  Robert said he thought that Willie was moving but I saw him the other day when I was walking Oscar and he confirmed it.  Moving into a smaller house, with less yard but still in the area. He had lived there about as long as DJ and I have been in Alabama, 17 yrs.  Divorced a year ago so he reached decision time, stay or go.  House will be going on the market.

Other than that:  my Cardinals did not manage to advance past the NLCS and the Giants did.  Bama won big yesterday.  Auburn had a bye week.  Talladega race weekend but I hardly left the house except to walk the dog and run a few errands and Oscar went with me for most of that.  Quick dash in and out.  And sew it goes-----


  1. Glad - sort of - that I'm not the only one who slices through stuff that she shouldn't - one of those "How did I DO that?" moments - ;)) The critters seem to be getting along - in their own way - maybe they are on their way to becoming friends - you never know - could happen - ;)) And song lyrics get to me too - anytime - anywhere - the tears still come and go - those missing My Guy moments/days/hours again - but I love the memories and they will last forever - ;)) Your mention of cinnamon rolls makes me want to make some cookies - they always make the house smell SO good!! - ;))

  2. I have one of those Zip Zip bag kits to sew up one day too. Mine is still in the plastic!

    Those two critters seem to be keeping you entertained. It is a wonder those little legs of Oscar's can get him up on that bed! I guess if the will is strong enough... :)

  3. I have to watch it or I will slice through something else on the mat also. (sigh)

    I would like to make one of the ZipZip bags but as far as I can tell, they only sell it with a kit.


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