Mar 30, 2016

another week goes by...........

Here the machine sits, not even plugged in from last week's meeting day.  I only have to put on two side borders and this top would be/could be done.

The closest I came to doing anything quilty was draw up this block in EQ.  It is a block in the friendship quilt that my friend Veronica assembled and quilted for me that I particularly like--there are two identical blocks using this pattern in the quilt.

You see, I am going to a guild sew-in come mid-April.  An email was sent out saying we are to bring the two blocks to our next meeting.  Why so early, was not explained but whatever!  One is to be a 12 inch "male" themed block that will be pooled to make comfort quilts for the guys.   The other is a 6 inch Spring themed block.  We did something similar for the fall sew-in that many of us went too only it was fall themed blocks and QOV's for donation.  Some lucky duck(s) won the fall blocks.

SO I figure this block can work for both and printed off the two sizes to foundation piece them.  Oh, I could do it the standard piecing way--EQ does give rotary cutting instructions as you can see on my print out but that one shape almost needs a template to verify it is cut correctly.  Besides, I like to foundation piece.

About the only creative thing I have done lately is cook.  That is something that I seem to do precious little of.  Why bother for just me, too easy to throw a salad or sandwich together or grab something out.  You know all the excuses.  Saturday I spent a good bit of time in the kitchen figuring I would at least fix something good for Easter.  I made a half batch of blueberry congealed salad, prepped some asparagus and nuked it, made a batch of scalloped potatoes (they can be frozen--not quite as good but okay enough).   I put the pork tenderloin in the crockpot and sliced it up and ended up making a small batch of egg salad.  

Actually I decided to do a tenderloin instead of some ham expressly so I could make this Cubano sandwich.   Does that make it planned-overs??  Thin slices of pork, deli ham, swiss cheese, mustard, dill pickles slice on a ciabatta bun and grilled on the panini press.  YUMMO!   Last night the leftover asparagus wound up in a quiche. The rest (not the blueberry stuff though--ate most of that!) is in the freezer for down the line.


I took those pictures this morning before lunch intending to post then.  Oscar wanted to go to the back yard so I let him!  He was testing out the new bedding out in the dog house.  I had taken his old one to air the other day as it felt a bit damp. The next thing I knew, the side split out and huge clumps of stuffing were falling out on the patio.  I guess the extremes of hot and cold got to the fabric after two years.  I chased around yesterday tracking down a new one to put in there.  

That and 3 more bags of ant mound treatment where the main shopping .  I had already gone through what was left in the shed and 3 bags the day before.  I had spent two mornings this week treating every fire ant mound I had spotted, along the road, even some technically in the new neighbor's yard since Oscar heads that way when we walk.  40 lbs of the stuff and it had not looked all that bad yet.  I hate those things!

Today dawned and I was off to walk.  I have found by the pedometer app that 7 laps and walking TO and FROM the park via the trail access totals the same as doing 8 laps or close enough to it 2.2 miles.  Add another mile, mile and half to the days totals walking Oscar in the lane 4 times.  The parking lot is still not re-paved but most of the work must be done as only two pieces of heavy equipment are on the premises.  No one was operating it at 9 a.m. but maybe it has to settle a bit before they lay down the asphalt or something?  Word is, they hope to open the Community Center sometime in April so there were a few workmen around for that.  I heard a power saw going when I neared the building.  We'll see!

After lunch, ashamed of myself for being such a slug about sewing and with obliging dog outside, I went into the sewing room for a bit.  Skyler was happy that I let him sit in the open window.  I only had to chase him from the cutting/pressing area twice.

Borders are all on this one now------

 ..........and so you can see the fabric better, particularly the dot which is not really showing up above.  This is the one that Bev and I teemed up to assemble last week.

This next group of Ribbon Candy blocks was a team effort with Brenda and Lois.  I finished up one small section of the blocks halves on the lighter green one and joined the halves.  Then I cut the setting triangles and corner triangles using that same blue fabric.  It works better than what I originally thought I might use as Lois used more blue fabrics from the strips Beverly had left for us to use.   There is enough left of the blue dot and the blue to back each of the quilts so I set that aside.   I still need to cut binding for the two quilts but I'll wait till my new blades arrive to do that.  I was having to re-cut those "hairs" a bit too much with the one in the rotary cutter now.

Oscar is back in and keeping me company on the couch.  I may head back there to pull some fabric for those two blocks but I have a feeling I'm done for the day in the sewing department.   The top can wait till next Belles meeting anyway.

Tomorrow/late tonight we have been advised to be weather aware.  2-4 inches of rain and some possible tornadic activity or high wind speeds are possible.  I doubt that it will be too conducive to sewing but I wouldn't be able to hide back here for a couple of hours anyway if it is storming.  Oscar would most definitely be in and he hates wind, rain, lightning.  Lots of that high pitched whining.  We'll see what happens.

Lily did well with her surgery on Friday and may have even gotten to go home yesterday or today.  I have not heard from my sister, her Nana, for a couple days.  The tumor is out, all systems go.   Diane said Lily was playing games on her phone and didn't seem too uncomfortable.  Smiling.

Guess that's it for now----thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a good day wherever you are.


  1. I know what you mean about cooking for just self. I frequently make a crockpot of something and eat on it a few days.

    And those ants! sheesh. I treated two mounds by my mailbox and in a day there was one next to one of them. I am thinking the poison only convinces them to move.

  2. Great to hear Lily's surgery went well, kids are so resilient. Your sandwich looked really inviting and I sure wish I could have just had a small bite. I'm not much of a eater (you wouldn't know it by looking at me though), I'm happy with cereal.


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