Mar 7, 2016

decisions, decisions

We have been blessed with some lovely weather the past few days. Oscar and I went for a long walk on the trail yesterday but also went on a short lap in the park to see if the water had cleared enough on the southwest low corner that is notorious for huge puddles. Enough time had intervened that the worst of the water is along the left side. If you stick to the extreme right hand side, it was okay.   I did my normal laps in the park today but left Oscar home!  Dogs that stop at every tree or vertical surface tend to slow a walker down.    We've done 4 trips in the lane and the day is not over.

Best thing about lovely weather is that Oscar can be outside for a bit.  Please don't think I am booting him out the door.  He wants to go out and in fact, sometimes I bring him only to have stand at the back door wanting right back out there!  Still, let me have an hour or so to sew.   I stitched up a couple more blocks that will go in my Ribbon Candy efforts yesterday and today, finished two pretty blue blocks that Jane had started.

4 of these blocks were plucked off the table at our Sew Day, thinking that they might go with this weird butterfly fabric.  It is one of those "changeling" one that switches shades when you think you have found the perfect shade of a pinkish purple.  The butterflies look orange  and then they look pink/coral.  It was a fabric donated to the group for challenge quilt purposes.  It IS a little tricky finding compatible fabrics, I am finding. You can see a little better in this shot.  Top left and center are two of the 4 I have gotten done specifically for this. (At the sew day I was re-doing two blocks that sections reversed.)   I have 4 more cut out and will give the other ones back UNLESS............

I am trying to decide if I am going to do like I initially thought.  Aline set one like this but thought it too narrow and added borders.  I hate doing borders and would just cut the setting bits over-sized if I continue with the 2 x 3 set.

Here is Aline's that I took at guild with the phone camera.  Looking good even it is hanging a little crooked, LOL.

Anyway, I could do it 3 x 4 and use up more of that challenge fabric with plain setting squares.  It would finish more in lap quilt size of 50 x 70.  Kids come in all sizes, after all.  I think I have enough butterfly fabrics to do it this way but will to verify that assumption before I start whacking out 12 1/2 squares.

So this is what is occupying much of my thoughts and will continue to do so till the top is done, I'm guessing.

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