Mar 15, 2016

early spring?

I guess the official start of spring is this coming Sunday, Palm Sunday actually. It has been giving signs of an early arrival for at least two weeks. Highs in the 70's and even 80's. I think yesterday officially broke the record since it was 83?  I turned the heat off a week ago, drug in my stand fan and reached in the closet for some shorts!  Still, they say not to plant till after April 15 and you get the feeling that one last cold spell is coming.  Maybe not this week, but coming.

I took my camera along with me on one of Oscar's walks in the lane.  He kept jerking on my arm but I got some pictures of the emerging flowering trees in the neighborhood.  Bradford Pears are in their full glory, just exploding like popcorn on Sunday.  I've been watching and waiting!

View as you walk out the front door.

Subdivision entrance--there is another row just like this in the median.  The third one on the other side of the entrance was attacked by tree assasins several years ago.

I love to just stand and look up at the flowering tree.

My neighbor's flowering plum or cherry--pretty pink blooms just starting

As you go down the lane--not sure if this is red bud or what

One of the two dogwoods is opening up.  Still a green tint to the flowers and small flowers.  There is one more just past it that is not quite ready.

I don't know how well this shows up but there are all kinds of ant mounds out there---along the road and along the fence row, very close together.  Walking the dog is a bit of dodging the mounds because he wants over there to sniff and do his business.   So far my yard is not too bad even along the road.  Cross your fingers!

Robert is supposed to mow this afternoon or sometime this week.  The wild onion is everywhere!.  The backyard is particularly overgrown with some sort of weed stuff and dragging on Oscar's belly so he sticks to the perimeter I have noticed.  I think the only thing I am growing is dandelions, violets, whatever that weed is, the aforementioned wild onion and dry nettle.

And as much as I love Spring, even unofficially, the critters love it more.  Skyler will sit up in the open window for hours.  Even getting on his window perch.  Oscar "asks" to go out and will sun on the back patio steps, not barking to come back in.  However, I am starting to see the dreaded yellow pollen on the car which means I probably have to or should close any open window.  I also wonder what that outside smell is that I catch every once in a while when walking-- bit like outhouse/funky fishy lake or creek water/fertilizer?

Hope you are having a lovely day whereever you are---------

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  1. Beautiful trees, it's still quite cool up here hence no budding but they say we are going to have a bad allergy season so I'm in no rush...what am I saying bring it on. lol


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