Mar 9, 2016

Tuesday meeting

Some snaps from the quilt meeting yesterday.

The girls pinned maybe 5 quilts?  Aline had her version of Ribbon Candy that I showed you in the last post.   Bev also had a patriotic wall hanging to pin that was going to a family member.  I didn't get a picture of it and I think I missed one of Lois'.  I heard her say she had 4 tops done, maybe more knowing how prolific she is, LOL.  The first three pictures are ones that she brought to pin.

This is Emily's Wedding quilt.  (There is a free pattern for a larger block version on the link but called "Aunt Gracie's Garden".)  The JOY group has several people working on this one, including our guest Rachel who came to sew with us again.

 Lois had borrowed my GE Designs book( Strip Your Sash) and liked Pixie Stix as much as I did whipping up a Wrap Them In Love sized one with a lighter background.

And here is Lois' Ribbon Candy but set "block to block" rather than on point as the book shows.

I was sewing too--those 4 blocks for my own Ribbon Candy donation top.  Before I left, I picked out 15 blocks that "kinda, sorta" went together and stacked them up.  Another grouping can go on point (need 8 for that). It had a good bit of green in the blocks so I made one more block to even out the required number.  The third batch needs one block re-done.  It was a practice block really and one of the colors is too short to have a seam allowance.  I've got it dismantled to re-stitch.  We plan to sew again at the next meeting and get these together.  That bunch is a mixed bag but has some lighter shades of fabrics.  I have some fabrics we can use for the setting triangles.

We had some "show and tell" too.

This is Beverly's top which was the Block of Month from Ashville House.  She is electing to skip the outer wide paisley border as she didn't care for it much and is planning on donating for a comfort quilt.  This one could be used for a guy.   Margarita is working on sashing her own version of this quilt but she did 25 blocks for a larger quilt.  I had helped her cut the sections out recently and talked her through how to do the pre-sashing.  However, she said she felt more comfortable having more experienced quilters around her if she had questions.  I told her after seeing her more recent work that she needs to start calling herself an "experienced beginner"  I'm not kidding as she did a border treatment I would not have tried on last big project!!

Brenda is returning to the group now that she is retired had several quilts to share.  This is t-shirt quilt for her son who is an area fireman.  You see that reflected in the shirt selection.

I'm sorry this is so fuzzy.  Really cute mini with wool appliques also made by Brenda.

This lovely quilt reminds me of 7 Sisters in a way but that is not the correct name.  I  believe she said that this was in McCall's Quilting?  I seem to be missing the picture of this one's "sister" quilt, similar colors but different pattern.

Brenda was holding up her friend Jackie's quilt for her as she is recuperating from recent surgery.  Jackie said she had made this for a step-granddaughter.

Jackie chose appropriate backing and binding fabric too!  The houndstooth check is like the hat that long time coach Bear Bryant used to wear and look at that elephant fabric!

Brenda pointed out the Bama Belles shirt so I had to get a shot of it since that's our group name.

Most of the group went off to Olive Garden but Rachel and I had brought our lunch and stayed to sew.  Margarita came back after lunch and we three closed the place down, LOL.

I didn't touch my sewing today but that's okay.

  • The dishes are washed though I cooked lunch (just frittata)  after it was started and I'm back to needing to unload/re-load.   
  • I walked my laps, walked Oscar four times, visited with my neighbors two sets of them and later the neighbor's son too. Warmer weather will get people out of the house!  I may have sunburned the back of my neck a bit as it is itching--all that time outside.   I drug out a pair of shorts after I got my shower taken as it was 65 when I got up and hit the high 70's.  Even had to drag one of my fans in from the shed.   Skyler is enjoying sitting in the open windows. 
  •  The laundry is done and an errand run.    Not much goofing around just a busy day.  
  • Still haven't gotten around to reading the morning paper--that kind of day.
It is exciting to learn that my nephew and his basketball teammates are going to represent their school in the Class 1A division of the Illinois High School Association state finals.  They one their super-sectional game last night and are in the Elite Eight.  This is the first time in LeRoy's school history for the basketball to get this far.  They play next on Friday and my brother sent a link for the streaming video.  I saw some of this game when the town paper had a link to the opposition's feed.  You may recall that we went to watch Teddy play when I went back to Illinois at  Christmastime.  They are fun to watch!

Guess that's about it.   THX for stopping by----


  1. oooohhh lots of quilt pictures! that fireman tshirt quilt looks like a difficult layout, looks great. I hope Madison doesn't see the Bama tshirt quilt :) Glad you are getting out and about!

  2. I enjoyed looking at the photos of all the quilts. Very inspiring! And also enjoyed reading about your busy day. We're going on day 3 of rain. Looking forward to drying out and for the warmer weather so I can spend some time outside.

    1. THX Gina. Unfortunately you are "no reply" commenter so I cannot answer via email. I DO quilt with a good group of talented ladies! I feel like a slug in the sewing department compared to this bunch but I had been on an extended hiatus.

  3. Boy are you guys busy, I can't believe how much you all get done. I love all the tops.

  4. The top quilt---the wedding quilt---that is so beautiful!

    I really enjoy your quilt.

  5. The top photo---the wedding quilt---that is so beautiful!

    I really enjoy your blog. :-)

    1. THX for the visit, Lucy! I will pass your compliments on to Lois. She has made 3 small quilts using this pattern and they all have been quite lovely. We said the other day she could have had a full sized one by now had she strung the blocks together!

  6. As always...thank you for the quilt show. What a busy day!


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