Mar 14, 2016

this and that on a Monday

Around the house---

Oscar has been in and out all day today, walked three times as of this writing (4:30 pm).  1st trip was before I went to the park to do my 2.2 miles.  We'll go again about 6 and then it is the backyard should he indicate he needs out.  Of course, we go through the usual "Time for bed, Oscar.  Get in your bed."  and he interprets this as "go outside and bark", LOL.  BUT he usually will hop right into his crate when he comes back in to settle in for the night.

Meanwhile, Skyler has been napping in the back of the house this afternoon, other side of the gate.  I was busy with laundry this afternoon and assumed he was either sitting in the sewing room window though he cannot see out OR on my bed or window perch.   I was wrong!  This is a new one on me.  He only used the perch to get UP on the armoire and the stack of pinned quilts (3 are mine and they've been waiting for some time!)

He only used the perch to get UP on the armoire and the stack of pinned quilts (3 are mine and they've been waiting for some time!  One is Aline's.  3 are donation quilts and the one that Skyler is parked on is a personal quilt.  I see I missed grabbing one of my t-shirts for the wash too.)

No sewing since last Belles' day.  The closest I came to doing anything quilt related was cutting the setting and corner triangles, oversized.  The butterfly fabric is kind of growing on me but then I look at this each time I pass the master bedroom.

Oh, I think about sewing but walking in the sewing room to do it isn't happening again.  I didn't even unpack the machine from last Tuesday.  Probably going to Tuesday sewing so that part is handy, LOL.

Today, I ordered some cone thread for a couple of the Belles along with some marked down 40% Connecting Threads fabric ($3.96 or something a yard) that will work for a background on another of GE Designs projects.   If the order is $50 or over, no shipping so we have combined orders before.

 I also finally got around to packing up the used rotaty cutter blades for both the Belles and me personally.   I so rarely turn on the desktop anymore unless I need to print.  Today I did so I could send a note with the checks and then ran it into the post office.  L.P. Sharp does an exchange thing where you send in a minimum of 5 used blades and they send you brand new Olfa blades in their place.  They have recently increased their pricing but slightly.  The girls know to turn in their old ones for me to collect when they got a new one from me, reimbursing the treasury.

So what have I been doing?  Well, Friday and Saturday it was high school Basketball mania around here!  My nephew Teddy is a senior at LeRoy (IL) high school and is on the basketball team with a group of kids he has played ball with since 2nd or 3rd grade.  The Panthers had finally gotten passed the regional round on the 3rd try, I think that's right.  They won the sectional---they won their super sectional last Tuesday which makes them part of the Elite Eight and on to State.  Class 1A, the smallest enrollment schools.  Friday, they won the semi-final game beating Liberty by 16 but trust me, the other team pulled within 4 at one point.  So on to the finals!  They beat a tough Chicago St. Leo team by 3 points---and that game was tied up late in the game, exchanging shots.  It took a 3 point shot and a last second missed shot for them to emerge as the 1st place team.  Exciting, nerve wracking to watch.  Teddy is in the last row next to the assistant coach in the blue shirt.  I was able to watch the games, post game interviews and read the articles off Facebook links along with enjoy pictures my brother and other parents took and posted.  I paced, I told Oscar he had 5 minutes to walk as it was half time but by golly, the kids made history,  not only with their team getting passed regionals but going to State and then winning the whole enchilada!  The football team had done well this school year also---some of the guys played football as well--I believe they made it to the semi's?  Teddy had an injury then so his season was cut short.  Here is one Phil took after the medal and trophy presentation.

Sunday after all that excitement I read,  finished up one half done book, read another one through and started on a third till Skyler came and sat on my chest/belly again and I gave up.  It is hard to read a real book or use the Kindle app on the tablet with a cat inches from your face.  Unfortunately, I did not get really get to sleep till 4 a.m. new time ( I hate changing the stinkin' clocks!  pick a time and leave it there---sheesh)  I don't know what my problem was but I hope it does not recur tonight.  I crashed and burned till 8:30.

Guess that's about it for this installment.  It is just been errands, walking and more walking with the dog,  haircut, two showers (the 2nd one to get those itty bitty scratchy hairs off me) and laundry today.   THX for stopping by-------


  1. I like the colours you've chosen for the quilt top.

  2. Your ribbon candy pattern is growing on me. Your fur babies are such characters! Have a great day!


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