Mar 5, 2016

Checking in

Oscar is being a good boy and cuddling up with his frog and napping.  We have already been on three walks today and he also logged some outside time so I could work on my quilt top.

Skyler, of course, wants my undivided attention since the dog is not around on the other side of the gate.   It was fine when he was in the window, like this.  Not fine is sitting on the pressing table while Kitty Mama has the iron in her hand.  He was also trying to burrow under it while I was trying to pin the rows together.  He was removed so the last joining seam could be completed in peace!

And, drumroll please, the No Bake Jolly Bar Quilt top is done!   Today's task was to join the rows on the bottom 5 and then join to the top half that was already completed.

For being touted as a quick and easy quilt I sure made it harder than it needed to be, LOL.  My sewing is a little less than stellar in a few spots, not nesting as well as I would like.  I re-tried it on two spots and since it didn't improve the situation much, I gave up.  I'm going with something my dear quilting friend Theramae used to say "it will quilt out".  

I did see a slight variation of the technique for this quilt yesterday.  There is a tutorial from Denise Russell of Pieced Brain for this.   It starts off the same and then she goes the "disappearing route".  I think she said this was a way to use some of the leftovers in HER version of No Bake Jolly Bar since you don't use the entire pack.  

What's next in the sewing department?  Back to the Ribbon Candy blocks and the two blocks I was stitching on when we packed up on sew day.  I hope to get a top done next week.  But first the machine needs de-linted, needle changed etc.   Bama Belles will be meeting this next week so I'll plan on sewing then.

What else?
Jane invited me to go to the Kiwanis Annual Pancake Breakfast this morning.  Her husband was out of town at a ham radio operators event so I was her "date".  I could have gone to Ashville today as she and Aline were off to their block of month deal at the quilt shop.  It would have been fun but I wanted to sew.

We had guild on Thursday but several of us met at a local Jacksonville restaurant as it was a friend of ours birthday.  Betsy the birthday girl got to pick the place.  It was a horrid rainy and cold day.  Gary said it was even snowing and sleeting as they left.  I just know that the thermometer in the car was reading 35-36 and there was little icy balls hitting the windshield.  Thankfully, better weather is back.  Those Bradford Pears will be open soon.  The forsythia is coming out on a couple neighborhood bushes.

Nothing much else going on here.  I've been trying to straighten up this house but just end up making more of a mess (sewing will do that!).  I'll wait till Oscar goes out to drag out the vacuum cleaner to avoid the barking and attack.   I made a batch of Sunday Eggs and Bacon (but used sausage) in my "new to me" casserole dish and took some over to my neighbor.  She sent me home with some vegetable soup as she had made too much.  Swapping food works!  I've got supper already made, right?

Till next time-------


  1. It was a great day for three walks and some outside time. :)
    Thanks for the link to The Pieced Brain's blog. I do like her version of the NoBake recipe, It is a lot easier than it looks at first glance.

  2. With springtime coming, walks are much more pleasant. Your quilt is lovely - thanks for the link to The Pieced Brain. I hadn't seen the BOM she did last year and it is quite interesting.

  3. Love your quilt top. Thanks for also including the other style of quilt, nice to see other examples. Lucky you that you got 3 walks in today, I had one walk and thought I had done well lol. Nice to see the little ones are doing well.

  4. Very creative blog! Want to express my satisfaction and liked the topic very good indeed.

  5. Congrats on the finished top! Oscar works TOO hard!


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