Mar 22, 2016

Sew Day and other stuff

Bama Belles met today and the plan was to get those three stacks of Ribbon Candy blocks made up into tops if possible.  I had sort of grouped them by intensity of color or shade last time and knew that we had enough blocks, once I made one more green toned one, for three tops.

Bev and I are always the first ones to arrive (we have the keys to open the Fellowship Hall)  and I had laid out the blocks for the tops.  She said "what do you want me to do?"  I had asked Lois to bring her humungous 20.5 inch square for me to cut the setting triangles for two of them so I pointed her to this first grouping using Lois' idea for making Ribbon rings.  15 - 12 inch blocks gets it in WTIL range.   She kept on plugging so this was the first one finished.

I had gotten my 3rd row joined yesterday afternoon and joined to 4 so all I needed to do is join the two halves.  After I cut two quilts worth of setting triangles, that is!

I used some yardage someone donated for setting this one as it sort picked up on the yellow tones, the blues and teals.  The green in it isn't quite the same shade but there are 5 different greens that I could have attempted to match, LOL.   Lois put this one together and then pieced 5 more blocks to go with 3 blocks Brenda had made.  I will put that one together here at home.

This one does not show the blue polka dot used in the setting triangles very well.  I am in the process putting on a darker blue border but left before I got the two outer verticals on it.  Bev and I teamed up to get this together.  She had never done an on-point setting so I talked her through it.  I joined the rows as Bev had to leave for a 2 p.m. appointment and assembled row three.

Margarita was diligently working on getting the borders on her big block of the month quilt.  I suspect she will have it completed by this evening--she was close and working on her outer borders when she left.  Jane was working on binding for a donation quilt and Brenda was busy marking a fusible applique project.   Linda S was able to come join us for the first time in a long time and preparing hexies.  We enjoyed a potluck lunch again.  Teresa stopped by on the way back from an appointment.  Good day with friends!

I thought you might like to see a couple other of the girl's projects.   Bev made this disappearing nine patch for the JOY Guild's challenge to make a disappearing block of some sort for donation to the comfort quilt program.   She will be vacationing when it is meeting time so she brought it to have us deliver it to the group leader.  They can just be tops though they would take completed ones too, LOL.

Linda S said this has been hanging in her sewing room just waiting for her to drop it off.  The fabrics in it were one of those "grocery" bags challenges.  Make something with a variety of scraps we had loaded up to share.  

Brenda had a couple tops to share with us today but I didn't get any pictures of those.  Maybe once Lena has worked her magic quilting them?

Linda had messaged me Saturday and asked me to call her as she had been given a huge box of fabrics and yarn for her neighbor's estate.  The sons were clearing out their mother's home and needed help connecting the items with crafters/sewers that Linda might know.   The box was huge, tall and heavy, so we just dug through it on my driveway from the back of her van.  Some I was able to keep for Belles use, some I thought Teresa could use since she makes purses and tote bags.   She picked it up today.

Gene saw the message from Linda to me and perked up at the "yarn" part.  I told him he could have at it, LOL.  He dropped by yesterday and picked out some for his weaving.  Some of bagged up to see if Margarita might want as she is an expert knitter.  She thought her daughter could use it since she crochets little animals and such for fundraising.   Woohoo!  Very little is living at my house right now.

Other than that, no much happened around here last week.  Same old, same old.  Walk, walk the dog, housework, errands----yada, yada, yada.  Seriously, home all week.  I've got a new neighbor across the lane as the house finally sold.  I don't know if she is still moving things in or not but she has been working out in the yard a bit, trimming overgrown bushes and picking up after the two half dead trees.  Going to be one heck of a bonfire!   The house across the main road is apparently off the market as the same folks are still there.  Chickens and all.

We did get one last blast of winter after almost two weeks of being able to shut off the furnace.  It got so warm one afternoon that I did turn the a/c on for about an hour.   The sun sets on the front of the house and I knew it was not going to be pleasant trying to sleep if the bedroom stayed at 78!  It had frosted last night and I think we have one more night in the 30's overnight.  Then it is back to real spring.

The local park where I walk my laps was working on re-doing a large section of the parking lot.  Monday there where three road working large vehicles busy under the supervision of the Public Works Department with barricades going up as well as caution tape.    You see, the construction for the new Community Center had cause a great deal of damage to the asphalt so it had to be repaved.  They had one of those things with the nobby rollers and one with smoother roller and an endloader, I think it is, going back and forth.  I got my laps in but had to walk around the new building and duck under the tape at one end to get to my car.  Later the Mayor said the park was closed due to the activity and that meant the drive through lane for paying the water bill was closed too---come into City Hall.  I guess I'll see if I get to use the park tomorrow or not.  There is another way to access it from the back OR walk the trail.  

I am going to ask for prayers for my great niece Lily.  She has to have further surgery on Friday to remove the teratoma that remains in place.  You may recall that she had surgery on it when she was a bitty baby but due to the location, it was not all removed.  She has been monitored by a team in St. Louis since then and the doctors felt it was time. The procedure will take 4-7 hours and she will have to stay in the hospital for about a week afterwards.

Here is the little cutie---they did Easter egg hunting early at her Nana's yesterday.  Diane said they egg hunted like 10 times so you know she was getting into, LOL.  Love those purple shoes that look like dyed eggs.

Okay, I think that is really it for this post.  I hope you have had a good day and thanks for stopping by to see what my buds and I have been up to.


  1. Hi, Linda,
    This evening, I just realized that you had commented on my post about my mom growing up and photos of the Great Depression in the coal mining region of PA. Christy Jordan plans to do a video chat Wednesday, and I was telling her about my mom. Those are beautiful quilt tops, you have such a talent and in choosing and arranging colors.

  2. I used some of the yarn in my weaving this evening. It was good to chat and catch up with you.

  3. Thank you for sharing sewing story and eye candy. I like both of those settings. Prayers for Lily. Easter egg hunts are so much fun. My grandma raised rabbits. She would put muddy rabbit footprints around her patio and sometimes even inside to get us all going.


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