Apr 12, 2008

9PP, part two

Here is the layout---much, much brighter in person. I am not happy with my sewing on the green and moda marble sections though. Old eyes on those strips? Several threads off on the nesting thing and I can do so much better than that. How can the simplest things become more complicated than they need to be?

BUT as Pam often says, IIWII--it is what it is--and it will probably quilt out or another way of looking at it, how can see it in all this mish mash of color??

Look who decided to try to help me sew this morning? I did a whole top the other day and he didn't bother me once but this morning his curioity got the better of him. He was biting at the thread and getting a paw a little too close to the needle. I know he has been unthreading the cone thread because I caught him biting at it and don't leave that temptation but this was a new trick.

From there he decided to be a little more docile and climb aboard DJ's lap. The book just got put aside while he made himself comfortable. Later both were napping--DJ in his recliner and Skyler on the couch. Hard to say who was doing the better job of it, LOL.

Okay, I'm off to join the sections together. Pam has her top finished minus borders but no one ever said I was a speedy sew-er.


  1. The kitty is too funny. Mine used to chew through all the serger threads .. I was ready to throw him out the window a few times, that thing was so hard to thread.

  2. Skylar is too cut peaking through your machine...how did you ever shoo him into the perch?

  3. I love the picture of Skylar! It looks like he is not only a lap cat, but a quilting cat as well! How perfect!

  4. I hope Skyler isn't a thread eater. My cat has a bad habit about getting into the thread if I don't cover the machine every time I walk away, which gets old quickly. Before I was consistent about that, I left it for about a minute and returned to find her sitting by the sewing machine with the thread feeding off the cone and right into her mouth! I pulled about three feed of thread out of her mouth. It gets stuck on a kitty's rough tongue and they can't spit it out. It can actually be very dangerous and cause intestinal blockages.

  5. Aww, Skylar's a cutie! It looks like he's got both you and DJ under his paw. :)


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