Apr 4, 2008

thank you all

I would like to thank you all for expressions of sympathy at the loss of my precious Pippi. So many of you have been in my shoes and know what a loss of a furry family member can be. It has been a long week though I have tried to keep busy---mostly by getting my new computer back up to speed but also getting ready for the floor installers. Here is a view of the completed kitchen though we still need to move back one bookcase that goes near the windows. Tomorrow, the boss man says.

The floor was down by the time a friend and I returned from picking up my sewing machine yesterday. (3 hours, there and back). Nancy had a quilt to drop up with the long armer on the way up. I got my name in line right behind her for the t-shirt quilt that STILL is not completed. No way have I felt like sewing this past week. DJ had to paint the trim board this morning before we could move the furniture back in but he had that done by the time I got back from my hour's walking.

I got all the cat paraphelia in place shortly thereafter as we were going to the animal shelter after we had lunch and ran an errand near the restaurant he had chosen. From looking at the petfinder website last night I thought I wanted a orange and white tabby. We had one when I was a kid and I wanted a cat that did not remind me so much of Pippi in coloring. Last night I couldn't sleep for thinking of names for cats if we did find one today. Abby, Molly, Gracie, Chloe??? All good names but I was drawing a blank for boy kitty names. Silly, huh?

So meet the "newbie kitty" and I apologize for the picture quality. Bigger just makes it worse, I'm afraid. He was in explorer mode and I can't get him to hold long enough. Perhaps you can see his markings though--white nose, chin, belly and paws. Black and sleek, very pretty coat. Medium sized cat, I would say. Tyson (my first kitty) was a much bigger boy in comparison. He licked my hands quite thoroughly at the shelter and was sitting on my lap cuddling so I have some hope of his being a lap kitty.

We came home with the sirens going off--tornado warnings and then severe thunderstorm warnings. Oh boy--I would have been hiding behind the washing machine too if I could have fit back there. A bit of tuna tempted him out of there a couple of hous later. Since then he has been off and exploring the house ever since. Oh a little hiding under my desk but basically exploring. Definitely knows where the food, water and litter box is. He can crawl back in the carrier if he needs a small close place to rest tonight. He will find his own way and learn that he can trust us and this is home.

So, a name then? The shelter was calling this sweet faced boy "Nasty" and that will not work at all! No one seemed to know just why either but whoever was naming cats that day stuck him with that moniker. DJ and I figure that we will see what his personality suggests to us in the next few days. I had text'd Pam this afternoon to tell her we had found our furbaby and she had some interesting suggestions. The one I liked best was Oreo--some of the others were food related so I almost wrote back to ask her if she was hungry, LOL. DJ made some goofy suggestions too but the name "Skyler" might actually stick. When I looked it up on a baby name site, it said it is Danish (our last name is actually of Swedish deriviation I think) but Skyler means "fugitive; giving shelter" Might work for a shelter cat??

Again, I so appreciate your comments to my Pippi tribute post. She will always be in my heart.


  1. Your newbie kitty is beautiful! And, your kitchen floor is absolutely stunning!

  2. The floor looks great! I am so glad the kiitie came out long enough to get a picture to show us. My DH has some suggestions for names--if he is out exploring, then how about naming him after an explorer....how about Chris after Christopher Columbus...just a thought. It is so much fun looking for a name that will suit. He is very cute--but then I am partial to male black cats...like Joey! *VBG*

  3. What a darling, love that black and white. Skyler sounds like a great name.

  4. I love your kitchen floor! Very pretty, and little jingle balls for the kittie will roll so nicely there! (That's the most important quality for a floor, you know!) I named my rescue kitty "Stormie," as she is dark grey like a stormy sky. We ran to the car from the shelter in the midst of a horrendous thunderstorm, so it seemed appropriate. Little Newbie's name will come. He's adorable!

    Caron in Michigan

  5. Your new floor looks great and I'm so glad a new kitty found you! how about Romeo, Twister, or Shadow? Congratulations :)

  6. nice floor! makes that room look larger too-of course with the book case not in there , that helps too.
    Your new mister cat is very handsome-I am glad you found one that seems to have a cuddling personality-I am sure he will settle in and be a wonderful addition.

  7. Hello Linda and the Mystery friend, he is beautiful! Like Cher, it will be sooo wonderful if he turns out to be a lap kitty.
    Ebby and I are just tickled pink(or black and white)for you *VBS*
    Best possible thing to have done.
    I'm sure the perfect name will just come popping in. Enjoy the getting acquainted. Big happy hugs, Finn & Ebby

  8. Beautiful floor, the color of the wood goes so well with your table and the wallpaper - and I love to see pictures of other people's kitchens!

    Skyler sounds perfect, but only he can tell you what his name is. Most of the time it takes a little while to name a cat. My Molly came with her name (husband had to promise not to change it) but with the others I had to find it. My tuxedo cat started out as Sylvester, but got changed to Peep because his meow was so tiny and soft. It will come to you.

  9. I'm sorry about your Pippi, but I am sure this new kitty will win a special place in your heart! Male kitties are so love-y dove-y!



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