Apr 10, 2008

break time

It has been a busy day today already. I decided that it is about time to get on the summer walking schedule and set the alarm to get up about an hour earlier than I normally do though it is supposed to call off this weekend with the possibility of stormy weather again tomorrow. I am consistently going 3.08 or 3.3 miles usually 5-6 days a week. It takes me an hour to walk and about 10 minutes of driving there and back.
In spite of getting up early I barely had time to get showered and dressed again in time for a hair cut appointment. I had a grocery stop on the way home and once returned made a no-bake pumpkin pie to go with the turkey breast I was putting in the crockpot for tonight's supper. By the time I heated and ate lunch plus cleaned up the kitchen, the day was half over. DJ will be parked in the chair sometime this afternoon for me to cut HIS hair but I have other things to do in the meantime. I warned him against asking me to do this right when I need to be back in the kitchen making the rest of the meal.

So I am taking a break ---I just finished cutting out the challenge fabrics for the 9 Patch Pizzazz quilt that the FABS are doing "together" on Saturday. It is from Judy Sisneros' book of the same name. My copy arrived yesterday--- just in the nick of time. We can sew the nine patch strip set stuff together but that is all till 8 a.m. Obviously mine will have a much higher degree of contrast that the Lilly Pad Wallhanging she shows. I think we picked this one for the size since it is more in keeping with the donation quilt parameters.

Norma showed the fabrics she is using for quilt mentioning that she is doing 2 challenges in one. Turns out I am as well. My mom had sent me a yard of the novelty print (cows and other animals driving sports cars) awhile back and Pam sent each of us the yellow print with blue stars. The resultant quilts will be going to Pam's M2M project. I probably would have used a more orange-y yellow otherwise but this will be just fine--that shade is in there as well. The blue moda marble and the lime-y green print are both leftovers from my merkitty challenge quilt so I'm busting stash as well. By the time I cut borders and binding out of those two, they are virtually gone except for some leftover squares and a few odd strips.

This is what I am going to start cutting next. Nancy had purchased both of these quilt kits to make a king sized version of the X-quisite block. She asked me to cut them up for her and is paying me to do so. I thought if I at least got one of them done, she could start sewing if she wished while I finish up. The pattern is called "Paisleys on Parade" and named for the fabric line from Camelot Cottons. She spotted it in #88 April/May 2008 "Quilt" magazine. Bright fun fabrics but a ton of squares to cut!

And the obligatory cat picture. Skyler seems to love the window seats. Sometimes he is stretched out with his head hanging on the sides and almost looks like a the classic art pose. He is settling in well. Fun to watch play and a little lover. We are taking bets to see how long it takes him to climb up to the highest rafter between the kitchen and living room (vaulted ceilings so open at the top) He has gotten as far as the refrigerator top that I have actually witnessed.

DJ was reading an article in the paper the other day about people not adopting black or black and white cats as much as their feline counterparts. Don't know if people are superstitious or just don't like their looks?? Well, I went to the shelter with the intention of a female orange tabby but came home with a male black tuxedo cat. What did I know? He's home now!

Quilt meeting pics tomorrow if the weather doesn't force me offline.


  1. I went in search of a male long hair black kitty man . . . and that's just what I came home with. There was more than one to choose from. In the end, he chose me *S* We weren't superstitious about owning a black cat - but we went into extra cautious mode at the end of October to prevent sickos from taking our fella and doing something awful. All in all - he was a very lucky kitty *s*

  2. He's definitely a keeper, and looks like he's totally at home already!

  3. Love the yellow, blue and lime fabrics, I'm eager to see the final product, it should be a wow!

  4. I love the novelty print! What fun that will be in your quilt.

    And yes, black cats are hard to adopt (I volunteer for a rescue group as I am able). Also, most rescue groups will not adopt black cats out during October -- precisely because of the weirdos in the world.

    Skyler looks like he is having a wonderful time!

  5. He looks like he is making himself right at home. Has he discovered the joy of living with a quilter yet? There is something about cats and quilts, and I love seeing them together.

    Lots of nice fabric at your house!


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