Apr 21, 2008


I have two pictures that I had intended to add to my last post concerning our trip to Cave Spring this past Saturday and Skyler's "Kitty Shower". Also I have a response to a comment that was left.

This was one of the quilts we saw in the bedturning presentation. The blocks were made by our group founder's mother. Joy, the daughter, hand quilted it. They look larger in the picture than they actually were from this angle---maybe 12 inch finished or smaller when viewed in person. One of my group was very interested in learning how to string piece so this one really "wowed" her when she saw it. She had me take a picture of a simple string/half square triangle block earlier.

And, here is Skyler worn out from playing with some of his new cat toys from the "Kitty Shower." I put quite a few of them away for now--sensory overload!! He knows right where I keep them though and meows like crazy when I open the drawer of the buffet. That, and tries to climb in said drawer. Also he can fish a few things out of what is supposed to hold fireplace logs from the hearth if he wants--and he does quite often. I toss them in and he drags them back out.

Okay, a couple of folks that left comments are on "no-reply blogger" which is their right, of course. I would have emailed back a response if I had been able to do so but lacking an eamil addy, I will respond here.

I was asked how to get to the quilt shop in Collinsville--- HERE is a link to their website but basically go north on route 11 to the intersection with route 68 and turn right. (if you turn left at the light it would shoot you out to the interstate) The shop is on Main Street about 4 shops in next to Cook's Barber Shop on the right hand side of the street. The town is small though and you can't really get lost, LOL. They aren't open on Sunday, Monday or Thursdays though. You would expect them to be open on the Thursday though but the whole town closes down to tend their "Victory Gardens" Yeah, I know--they haven't done that since WW II but it became a town custom.

They have a quilt walk each fall this year it falls on September 26-27 that may interest you if you are in Alabama or live near the GA line. HERE is the link for information, etc. Trade Days may be more renowned but quilters need the lowdown on the more important stuff, LOL.

Still have to prep a handout for our meeting tomorrow so off I go----


  1. Oh to have the worries of that cat!!!!!

  2. I love the quilt! Skyler is just too cute! I think he is keeping you very busy these days--which is part of his job after all! LOL

  3. Skyler is such a busy guy! I too want to make a quilt like that.

  4. Love the stars!

    I want to be a cat at your house!

  5. That Skyler is a beautiful cat..and I'm not a cat person, either. lol What a neat idea, the kitty shower. What good friends you have!

  6. That is one tuckered out little kitty man *s*


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