Apr 16, 2008

quilt pics and check in

What is wrong with this picture? The cat is in the recliner, sitting on DJ's neck pillow while DJ is on the loveseat spot. To be honest, during TV viewing time DJ alternates between the two spots so he left the spot open. Skyler was getting down from there when he spotted me with camera in hand though. Ohhh, the answer to how long it would take him to get up on the top of the kitchen cabinets and the kitchen passthrough way high?? 11 days. He did it at least 6 times yesterday. Again, he got down when he sees me so no picture.

Slight detour with the 9PP top business this past Saturday but I am pleased with how the top worked out. I still need to get some backing pulled and pieced as I made wider borders than the book suggested so it finished at 48 wide. Fun, fun day with the FABS though I am convinced that I am the pokiest sewer around, LOL. I finished up with the borders about 13 hours later than I had started sewing. You don't suppose that all the chatting I was doing in between might have had something to do with it?? Well, it never really was about speed but more like enjoying the process and playing with a new pattern idea. Thanks to DJ for picking up some sandwiches for our lunch so I could keep sewing.

I promised you some quilt pics from our last meeting---at this rate it will be our NEXT meeting if I don't get to it. I'll get to that in just a minute after I do a "check in" note.

I started this post two days ago but obviously, posting didn't happen. The pics got detoured by the need to try to reproduce the quilt document for 08 which was lost in the "Great Computer Crash" --this involves matching the picture to the document, naming/numbering it and then ordering prints of the pictures for our photo album and one for the person who made or donated the top. I have a nagging feeling that I am "missing" a quilt or two in the documentation. YIKES! The problem is that I mailed off a box of 12 or 14 to WTIL headquarters last month. Well, rethink that--it not really a problem as they ARE where they need to be for distribution. I may need to wait till Ellen can post those pictures in the 08 gallery pages to double check myself. (In case you were not aware, she has a picture of each quilt donated since we started back in 99---great spot to visit if you are ever looking for inspiration for a quilt top especially for pro bono work.) The ones that are still on premises awaiting shipment to Pam for M2M or some saved back for local donation are more easily pulled for verification.

Yesterday I also had some document reconstruction to do for Home Extension. I finally get to hand over the baton to someone else after 4 or 5 years as the county treasurer. What a time to lose the files in that case! Anyway, I had a print out of the membership list and an old backup file from 05 that I could copy/paste from so that helped. I also updated the address book that I use for printing up mailing labels. All that remains is setting a date to remove my name from the signature card and adding the new sucker, er, treasurer.

Monday morning a friend from the row group stopped by to get a few of my quilts for the Quilts in the Park show being held on the 19th in conjunction with the Cave Spring, GA Springfest 08. This is the 2nd year for the quilt show and the Belles and I are taking a little field trip over. Should be fun to get away with the girls.

Monday afternoon I took Skyler to the vet for just a general checkup and followup to some treatment he received at the shelter. He didn't meow once in his carrier but I am sure he was stressed out by the whole ordeal. He had to have a followup ear mite treatment plus the fecal test (clear, thankfully) and such. The vet and Brandy the tech said to not be surprised if I didn't see him the rest of the day. Well, hiding lasted about 5 minutes. Poor thing, more or less sacked out on the couch for hours afterwards and then slept right next to me all night. No mice chasing Monday night for that rowdy boy. Oh, I also have to give him so antibiotics for an respiratory thing--sneezing a bit. And yesterday I was tracking down some"Little Noses" pediatric saline spray for the nasal crusting. Looks like my nursing expertise is coming back into play, LOL.

Okay if you hung with me this long you deserve to see some pictures of something, anything!

Linda C Trip Around the World just back from the longarmer--personal project

Linda C made this one as well. It will be gifted to a friend but Linda said she liked it so well that she is making herself one just like it. Also quilted by the longarmer. It has a cool backing on it too.

Diamond Strings--pieced by my mom Elsie and quilted by me. I even tried a simple cable on the outside borders though it was a bit of a tight curve on the DSM. Jane who was kind enough to stitch the binding down said that her Thursday evening quilt group was quite intrigued by the strings on the rectangle as well as the diamond effect of the red strings at center. They were measuring off how big to cut the rectangle base and the strips sizes--sounds like they are going to try making some. This one is headed to M2M.

Checkerboard Plaids--pattern from Evelyn Sloppy's 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts. Pieced by my mom and quilted by me also heading to M2M. I helped her cut this one out last summer when I was back "home" in Illinois. Or at least I think I did, LOL. Seems to me it was part of the great scrap bag cutting event anyway. Sloppy shows it in masculine plaids but I love this soft, feminine version just a well.
This one--giant ugh. Half of a donation top. I like the feedsack pieces but I will not quilt up the other half of this but will dismantle it for the sack fabrics and make something prettier with it. I did wash it but there are some stains that did not quite come out so I am not sure that it should be donated anywhere.

This is Lois' donation top that I quilted late in 07 but now turned in bound. I am sorry that I do not know the correct name for the pattern. I just called it "Stars and Ribbons" on the document. The squares finish at about 1 1/4 inches. It was a lot of fun to see the little bits and pieces from various Belles quilts and Lois' scrap bag while I quilted it. Not sure where this is headed but I do need to keep some back for local donation.

Linda C donated top. I think the pattern for this was from a recent BH &G Quilt Sampler magazine but even though she told me, that info flew right out of my head. I just named it "Zigzag Strippie" for my document. Not sure where it is going either.

Square in a Square---now this one I know I cut out the centers last summer of that apple print. Pieced by Mom and quilted by me.

Lastly, this one was pieced and quilted by me. Triple Rails with that Heart Pieced in though I should have used a contrasting color for it to show up. Pattern by Mary Ellen Hopkins as a pattern of the month thing back in early 2000. Some of the blocks were leftover from Nancy C. and another top I had made. The remaining blocks were stitched up at our fall 07 sew-in but these rail blocks are my ongoing project. Get enough, make a top.
We have had three cold nights but I think that the temps are finally up enough for me to go get my walking in. I have certainly gabbed enough for one post! Hope you enjoyed the quilt show and thanks for stopping by!
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  1. LOVE the quilt show! They all look great! I especially like the pastel plaids...now I KNOW that I don't have any pastel plaids in my closet. Why is it that I like the tops I don't have fabric to make?

    Enjoy your walk in the warmer weather :)

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for the quilt photos and for letting them enlarge so nicely .... my favourites - the Stars and Ribbons (gorgeous!), Checkerboard Plaids and Diamond Strings.

    Skyler sounds like he has settled down well. Hope you get a photo of him on the kitchen rafters. I remember very clearly the photo you posted of Pippi doing that.

    Pop by my blog - I'm having a note card giveaway and would really like it if you entered.

  3. Scrolling through your quilt show this morning didn't help my cough any...now my nose is running too. I get so emotional when I see all the love poured into donation quilts! Kids/adults all over the world will feel so special receiving these quilts. Thank you Belles...you are an awesome group of women!

    BTW...I would say AKAO has become the Master! DJ giving in to him already is cracking me up!


  4. Pretty, pretty...as always!

    I think Skyler is making himself at home.

  5. Whew! You make me tired just reading about all you do! Again, you are my inspiration, (in case I haven't told you lately :-) Great job on all the quilts.

  6. Fabulous Quilt show!! Happy Skyler is settling in so well! Beautiful boy!


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