Apr 8, 2008

checking in

Today was my quilt meeting day and while I have some "quilt show" pictures to share, I will do that in my next post. Linda C also had a couple of personal quilts recently picked from the longarmer that are quite pretty too. Okay, enough of a teaser to lure you back to visit, LOL.

DJ was deep into watching the Men's NCAA game between Kansas and Memphis last night. No way was I going to go in there and ask him to hold up a quilt top!! I waited to take it this morning when I could hang it up at the meeting place. This is my "Pippi Garden" quilt that will be going to Pam's Mission to Mexico or a she calls it, M2M. It is a free pattern on the Benartex site HERE and real name is "Rose Garden". Pop on over to her place to see the top she had made in honor of my kitty. It is an easy, peasy pattern but I think I will adjust it so the center is a rectangle, maybe 12 x 18 next time.

This was a stash quilt. The cat fabric if I remember correctly was given to me as a birthday present from one of the Belles a couple years back. The other fabrics, donation fabric that recently routed through my house. There was enough of the lavender print to piece together for the backing but still yardage of the others. The only thing I can think is the donor was planning on making several wall hangings from the pattern that featured those prints as there a 4-1/4 yard cuts of each color--all the same colors but three different tone and tones of those colors. Enough for another use down the line. I'm thinking that old standby Snuggle Up. It felt good to be sewing again.

And here is Skyler, testing the quilt top. So far he is not so interested in the quilts but those have mostly been out of his reach. He seems to be adjusting fairly well. No more hiding behind the washing machine as he did the first day here. He does get under my bed and sleep periodically but mostly he stays out with us or in the window perches. The last two nights he has slept most of the night in the bedroom perch and is keeping me company in the sewing room version.

Last night he was snuggling with me on the bed as well. Gets on the lap too but doesn't exactly sit still. Maybe you can see his markings a little better in this picture? Gail, one of the people who commented on my last post, told me this makes him a "tuxedo" cat. It has been a trip watching him play with the cat toys but he also has done a couple of things to get himself into trouble with his nosiness. DJ said that he managed to jump up on his bathroom hamper and got stuck behind the venetian blind in the window above early this morning. How exactly, we don't know. Some dishes on the microwave stand didnt stay put either but the resultant noise scared the heck out of him--back under the bed, LOL. Guess we are getting used to a rowdy teenager now and realize just how much Pippi had slowed down in recent years.

It is quite lovely outside these days. I love spring anyway though the yellow pollen dust is a killer on sinuses. It is a pleasure to drive and see all the plants and trees flowring. Right now the dogwood is in full bloom, the wild native stuff sprinkling the woods and the bushes in yards along the way. My little dogwood tree did not survive last year's drought so this is one from our next door neighbor's yard. Only had one bloom on our camellia though the bush does look healthy. Usually it opens too early in March and then gets zapped by frost.

The azaleas are also open in full glory though ours is not all the way in bloom yet. The lilac is also in bloom. Lupines, jonquils and iris are out and we even had a few surprise tulips come up. I have also noticed the snowball bush up in the nearby subdivision is also out. Apple blossoms, red buds and flowering cherry too. Even better is that we are not so far behind on the rainfall totals--they aren't saying we are out of the drought but every bit helps.

DJ had to mow the weeds that pass for our yard Sunday and today while I was at the meeting, weedwhacked.

Guess that's it for this post----till next time. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. AKAO looks like he is making your home his home! whoo hoo, just what we were hoping for! Pippi Garden turned out really nice, I love the blue...makes a statement for sure.

    Ms. Pippi's Garden (my version) is up next for pinning...it's moved to the top of the pinning/quilting pile as I want to be sure it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.


  2. Your Miss Pippi quilt looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing spring with us spring hopefuls from the north :)

  3. I've just been catching up on my blog reading and have just finished reading about your loss and about the new addition to the family. He sure looks cute and seems very at home. I'm sure it won't be long before he settles.


  4. It's nice to see Skyler making himself completely at home. He know which side his bread is buttered!


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