Aug 5, 2011

a little progress

At this point I have 20 blocks done of the Disappearing 4 patch (D4P). Most of this was completed on Wednesday as we had a lot of thunder rumbles going on yesterday. I don't sew if it is storming or lightning near by.

Shown are the twelve non--duplicating blocks that I joined into the upper 2 rows or 1/4th of the quilt. The blocks go together fairly quickly considering that there is a fair amount of seam matching. So far I am liking it. Seam matching doesn't scare me, LOL--that is a basic quilting skill learned long ago.

I will admit to pulling two centers apart just so I could keep a few of the directional fabrics going the same way. LOL, it may come up again. Block placement is purely random in that what comes up next in the block stack. My plan is to sew thru the box till I hit the bottom and setting any duplicates aside (those in the box lid) and then repeat the color sequence in the bottom rows.

Actually, I am never one to want to agonize about color/block placement much. I am not fond of the move one and then have to move 6 more----ugh. It is what it is, scrap bag yardage sewn into blocks that will make a quilt top will eventually be on a bed at the Veteran's Home. You think anyone will really notice that two brighter blues are in the same vicinity??

I have a birthday coming up next week and DJ got me the 4 in 1 grill that I had requested. In a way it reminds me of the griddle that my mom used to have that you could open up all the way and lay it down flat to make pancakes. With 6 kids in the family by the time one batch was done, you were ready for a 2nd one. The poor cook couldn't keep up with demand. That still happens around here. DJ gets started on some menu items---pancakes, omelets, quesadillas, etc, etc---and I catch up, LOL.

But anyway, you can contact grill, panini press, open grill and switch out the plates to the griddle ones. The top of the appliance tips to accomodate larger items. I ordered a used cookbook on Amazon for recipe ideas though I suspect that the George Foreman grill would be similar in say, cooking chicken. Spend down plan for the birthday money, dontcha know? There is also a blog called Panini Happy that will probably be a great go-to source. I haven't fired it up yet, mostly because I am waiting for some chicken to thaw for a Saturday meal. I already know that I want to try it on a Cuban Sandwich next week since I have some leftover pork tenderloin slices up in the freezer.

And sew/so it goes around here..............thanks for stopping by! Skyler want me to play with him and I will oblige, happily.

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