Aug 12, 2011

stitching away

A little update on D4P. Top half is done, all the blocks are now sewn. Row 5 is done along with half of row six. It should together a little more quickly now since all I have to do is join blocks, not piece them. Woohoo!

When I took this picture, I still had 4 more blocks to finish up.

I took time out to clean out the machine, change the needle and do up a pile of bobbins. I had noticed that the machine was skipping stitches especially when it came to the joins-----grrrr. It may need to go in for servicing yet but got to try the simple fixes first, right?

I've been busy today but not necessarily at the sewing machine. DJ and I teamed up to clean up our two box fans and a small one that I use in the bathroom. While I had the vacuum out, I did the floors too. The other big project was cleaning some of the stuff out of my car trunk or what DJ affectionately calls my "office on wheels". I decided that I no longer needed to haul around the file box of old handouts and got it down to one file box instead of 2. Then took all the paper stuff to the recycle bins. It opened up some space in the trunk which is good. (Got some things for you, Teresa next time I see you, LOL) I also backed up a bunch of my files to disc as I do periodically.

Other than the usual stuff around here----Thursday I was goofing around with the "new to me" TV set up and needed some help with getting the DVD player to work. I tried all the menus and look at both manuals to see if I could figure out what to do, mulling things over for a good chunk of the afternoon. Finally I gave in and called DISH. Turned out it was not really DISH's area so they suggested I call tech support at Philips for some assistance. I think I finally figured out where to turn the TV but he affirmed said my assumption was correct. The setup button worked and I am in business. Woohoo again! I have never figured out how to go about recording on that thing, ever and still don't know BUT with the present DISH DVR set up I don't need the Philips to work for anything but playback and setting the clock. Hopefully that is the end of electronic muddling on my part.

So tomorrow I get to open my packages with the FABS--the birthday partying continues! Two of them arrived today so I am set.

I plan on starting to sew the background bits on my Skinny Strips shortly after I get up and wait for the others to come online and we can gather on IM chat. Looking forward to it..........

And sew it goes. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Beautiful Quilt. You get me inspired to get going on a new quilt. I have been in a stall for awhile. Thanks for the inspiration.


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