Aug 18, 2011

Yesterday's output

A little bit of sewing done yesterday and-a few more things to cross off the "list".

Yesterday morning I did a bit of little bit of recipe transfers to my cooking software, enough to clean out some of my email boxes. So I didn't settle down to the sewing tasks till afternoon.

First up, binding for the Skinny Strips---and maybe those 3D bowties if I do them as a QOV. I cut up a 36 inch square for bias binding cut 2 1/4 so that should net me about 544 inches of binding. One quilt will take about 480 plus so not quite enough for two quilts but I have more yardage. Knowing my aversion to pressing this stuff right away, you can rightly assume that it is still piled up on the ironing surface, LOL.

Next up, the hanging loops for "My Cat" wallhanging. Pat had sent the fabric yardage she had leftover for me to use my own method for creating them. I also cut out a giant 4 patch so I can show Teresa how you do the d4p blocks when I see her later today but I put the rest in with the blue 3-D bowtie project.

So what is my preferred method? It is royal pain to turn a narrow tube and that is what the pattern calls for. I do it like you do purse straps. I cut it the 1- 3/4 inch the pattern calls for but press the strip in half, wrong sides together to find the middle. Then you fold and press each half to the center line so you have 4 thicknesses of fabric. Top stitch close to the edge on both sides. My loops take 15 inches in length but I always cut it a bit longer so I have some wiggle room. I lined it up the tabs with the buttons on the Button Up base unit but had to un-do a bit of Pat's binding stitches to get at the seam line of the quilts to stitch the things on to the top of the quilt so the raw edges would be encased with the binding. So, the picture shows it to that point.

Next I slip covered the acrylic bag bottom. They, of course, sell these in various sizes at the queen of bags and totes site, Lazy Girl Designs---called Bag-E-Bottoms---but Pam had someone cut them to her specs some time back. Your fav quilt shop may stock them too. I had some yardage in my stash (Mama's Cottons from Connecting Threads) that matched one of the purple that Pam used so that was my choice. I am ready to move into my new purse but will wait till after I show the quilt group my bday gifts. I would feel funny going thru someone's purse once it was loaded so I'll wait, LOL.

Somewhere in the middle of this productivity DJ had set up an "appointment" time for me to get his hair cut. I was also chatting with my friend Teresa while I "worked", both on IM and on the phone when we were having some connectivity problems. I think we may have stumbled on a alternative messenger on her end that will make things easier to keep gabbing, LOL. I am going to help her get set up with some redwork blocks later this morning-----after I get MY hair cut. NO, DJ is NOT going to return the favor. My across the lane neighbor Glynda does that for me!

Last thing up for the day, was to complete the binding on "My Cat" so I could hang it and get its glamour shot for Pat and my blog. Too, too cute and personalized for Skyler and I. Thanks again, Pat.

So what's up next? I should machine quilt but I don't know that I am quite in the frame of mind for that yet. There are two donation quilts pinned atop my dressser. "Summer" and "July" need quilted and I never did get the last blocks finished on my 30's sampler as I had hoped. The prospect of a quilt across the lap does not appeal to me in the dog days of summer even if we were blessed with lower overnight temps and lower dew points for a few days there.

I am leaning towards finishing up that diagonal 4 patch chain top I started earlier this year; it was last seen back in April in this post. Sheila and I had started on these about the same time and at least in the picture in the post, she has way more done than me. You will see that hers is a lot more scrappy than mine is too. I have plain background squares were she has used another print square. Mine is one of the Belles Scrappy challenge pieces----and I have about what, 4 of those going and more kitted up?? I may end of taking examples with me to the December "reveal". Scraps are one of those things that keep showing up over time, in this project and that, till that last little bit is finally used up. Long after I'll remember just where they came from, LOL.

Maybe just a bit of redwork today. Showing Teresa how to do it will probably make me want to keep going. I'll think on my sewing goals for the weekend, next week then. I'm rarely bored!

And sew it goes-----thanks for stopping by

ED. NOTE: I did not intend to change my blog template but the blue sky thing just plain disappeared on me---faded to black. More tweaking ahead, I can tell.

Ed. ed. note: Not quite back where I had it but what the heck is going on???


  1. Skylar is looking mighty handsome! sorry you had to undo some sewing but it lookd great on your base~I was a bit worried. :) good job on finishing~almost~some of the not-so-fun quilting tasks!

  2. Blogger can be a pain when it comes to backgrounds. You may have to change yours. I got tired of blogger and went to wordpress due to the fact blogger kept screwing up. Wordpress takes some getting use too but after you get use to it, there isno going back.


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