Aug 26, 2011

another finish to flimsy

Hot off the press---whatever you want to call this. Let's go with "Staggered Bricks"

I sort of wish that I had put a flap of something dark between the body of the quilt and the outside border but I am NOT taking it off to make that happen. It would have provided just a bit of separation between the elements and taken the dark out one more level. IIWII.

The binding will be the reddish looking print and I still need to seam it. Backing is in the washer.

I am not sure which project I want to work on next---too many choices, LOL. Maybe just some simple strings. I was packing up some abandoned blocks to send to a friend in another guild for their donation quilts and found a few blocks that could be trimmed down to match a pile I have started. That gives me 13 blocks that are done and some are from the Belles scrappy challenge strips/strings. With sashing I would need 24 blocks so looks like I am half way there. I love it when a plan comes together.


  1. I love this one!

    I am not sure which project I am going to work on this weekend either. The black and white fabric is washed so I could finish my black/white/color catcher string quilt or I could finish those two table toppers or I could start something new! LOL

  2. I love this, too! that was fast! :)

    I'm going to work on the Patriotic Stripes and Strings to get it moved along.


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