Aug 31, 2011

WIP no more

Another finish to flimsy. Not the best picture perhaps as I had to turn on the overhead light and then I got a nice shadow from the entertainment center but no is done. The backing will be the same as the cornerstones as I have plenty of it, thanks to my mom.

I am going to seam the binding, press and roll it and then vacuum up the paper bits off the floor. Actually considering that most of these blocks were pieced to pages from an old phone book you would think it would be more of a mess in here. I was fortunate enough to get most of it removed intact and dumped into the trash collector hanging from the sewing table. BUT I have a box fan at floor level trying to disperse the cooled a/c air and probably fluttered a bit of paper around. It has looked far worse in the past.

Probably broke 4 needles on this project which probably a record for me considering it is a small quilt. This machine definitely does not like pins or I just had a knack for hitting them dead on. Now I need to change it again just because I was stitching paper with it. Way it goes.

Tomorrow, Prairie Stroll and see how far I get on those blocks.

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  1. Whoooo hooooo for a finish! I hear your pain about sewing over the pins! Some days there is no avoiding them. Once in a while I hit a real doozie and throw my machine out of whack. I hope that hasn't happened to you.


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