Aug 1, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Wow, how did it get to be August 1st so quickly!

I got "Summer's" buttonhole applique done yesterday afternoon so back it goes on the design wall till I am ready to baste and quilt it. Check one thing off the quilt "to-do" list.

I started on another project right after that but Skyler was insisting on sitting on it. I took the hint, LOL.

And here he is, being helpful with the kitchen floor mopping detail. Mostly, I think he just curious about why the stuff is sitting in the living room. Why is the food by the couch?

He picked out one of his two favorite chairs. You know which ones right away since I have tried, with little success, to de-hair the chair pads. Normally one sits right under the window so he can sit and sun himself. The other is a guest chair that NO guest would ever want to be seated on unless they like their rump covered with kitty fur. It is pushed up under the table and he thinks we don't see him there. I threw the towel over DJ's chair pad to keep Skyler from starting a hair collection on it. I don't have to worry about my chair---I provide the padding there, LOL.
Last night I got the stars appliqued on the July Button Up before Skyler appropriated the area behind the machine. This morning I did one of the 5 flower stems and 3 leaves before heading in to mop. Slowly but surely I am getting the job done.

Since I still need to cut the background pieces for the FAB birthday party this month, I may start pressing that. I need a stand up job between the sit-down sewing. Goodness knows, I don't want another whole day of ironing fabric. Maybe if I spread it out a bit, it will help---or prolong the "agony"

It is going to be a hot week according to the weather dude. 100 for a high one day and no chance of rain on the horizon. YIKES! Good time to stay in and sew, right?

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  1. Your Summer wall hanging is very cute. Love the colors. Our Puss likes to sit on the chair under the table too. lol She thinks she is hiding. Thankfully the chairs are flat, so a pet roller works when we have company. Hot here too!


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