Aug 22, 2011

another finish to flimsy

Finished the top after supper tonight---woohoo! Note Skyler in string chewing position next to quilt holder's feet?

A good many of the blocks that I needed for the last 6 rows were already joined in pairs. I DID need to make the equivalent of the last row in triple rail blocks, probably because I couldn't decide if I needed 12 or 13 rows.

But, it's done except for selecting/prepping backing fabric and binding. I noticed that I have quite a selection of binding bits so it is possible I will go with scrappy binding on this one. Again, I am not planning on bordering but should I change my mind it would be a narrow one.

Off to watch "The Closer" and "Rizzoli and Isles"


  1. I also like the Closer and I read this past week this is it final season. It's to bad if it is.

  2. Beautiful!

    How many quilts do you finish in a year and what do you do with them all?

  3. Here's a cheer for a finished flimsy!


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