Feb 24, 2012

I should be sewing........

Okay, two of the turnstile blocks are done but neither meet in the middle as well as I would like.  The other 4 blocks are pieced but in halves.  That is as far as I got yesterday.   Want to make a bet on whether I will have any better luck with the centers on the other 4?

If it were not for the time I have already invested and my great desire to be done with this top, I would scrap these and substitute something else.

And I DO want to move on..........I got a pile of 3-D bowties in navy and white with red knots to address for another QOV top.  I love 3-D bowties way more than pinwheels.

Just whining---fire up that machine and make it happen, Linda!  Think that is enough of a kick in the behind?  LOL.

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