Feb 15, 2012

WIP Weds

As I told you in my last post, this is QOV week around here.

Today I was working on the row design to figure out just how many blocks/rows I would need to piece to include with some that were donated.  Several of the rows come in right on the money at my targeted range of 54 finished.  Two do not---like an inch bigger! I think I can see where they went wrong.  Some slightly off seam allowances along with some inaccurate cutting.  I am pulling them apart to square them up.  I'll re-cut if needed and of course, re-assemble them.   Yes, I would probably be easier to just pull some other fabrics and just start from scratch.  I like the fabrics and someone at least TRIED to participate in the row project.  I can do a selvage operation.  I've done it before and I'll do it again.

Yesterday when I was measuring them at the meeting, I found  one row that was wayyyyy shorter than the rest and made with what looks to be Moda Marbles.  Problem was: quarter of a Broken Dishes block is pieced with half square triangles, NOT quarter square triangles and those bias edges were stretching, big time.  I tossed it.   Definitely better to start from scratch on that idea!

So here is sort of what I had for the Marcus Brother" Land of Liberty"  panel---my name, not theirs.  I think they called it American Valor but I believe that name referred more to the fabric line rather than the quilt itself.  It says "Liberty and Justice" on it anyway.  I bumped the rail sections up to 9 inches so it made more sense to use a 3 grid block rather than the variable star shown in the pattern.  Besides, it will make it a little bit different than the quilts some have already made and turned in  AND the guild is Friendship Quilters after all and the friendship star is on our name badges etc.

Still not sure what fabrics to use for that area around the red.  One navy piece I do have that might be big enough looks too juvenile but one of the Belles said she might have more like it at her house.  Maybe use it on the other quilt??

And here is what I have for the row quilt sections.  The row that looks like just sashed squares is actually a folded fabric origami blocks.  The bowties, Cotton Reel, Illinois Roads, Fans and Flying Geese do exist.

That means, I re-piece the stuff I pulled apart plus make friendship stars, hearts, turnstile blocks and probably substitute Broken Dishes for the diamonds on point---but maybe not, LOL.  I like the looks of it but I am just not sure what size to cut the squares.  I kinda like the lighter blue in the drawing  but in actuality they used a lot of red to burgundies rather than the royal blue and clear red that I used in the mock up.

Now I have a plan,  I just need to execute it and round up some fabric.  That might help.

Here at home, DJ and I planned on going to Outback Steakhouse for a late Valentine's lunch today only to find that they are only open in the evenings.  I had quilt group yesterday so we had elected to wait.  We went to Golden Corral instead.  When we were preparing to sit down, someone called to us.  Jane and another quilting friend were sitting on the other side of the divider.    Normally if I am going to run into anyone, it is at the grocery store.  We really don't know that many people down here even after 15 years.

Nothing much else going on though we still are waiting to hear from the dishwasher installer guy.   DJ will have to put up the silverware drawer and bowls that flop over a little bit longer, LOL.

Hope you are having a good day in whatever you chose to do---------

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  1. Looks like you have lots percolating for your ongoing QOV sewing! I like the panel quilt with pieced borders! I'm going to remember that one for a future project! Thanks for sharing your cool ideas....


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