Feb 4, 2012

Reveal date!

The FABs are celebrating Norma's bday today---at long last.  Her day fell around US Thanksgiving this past year and we just could not get everyone's schedules to coordinate.  Trust me, the emails and IM's were flying to decide that Saturday, Feb. 4th would work out for all concerned.

At left you see the Snow Days Button Up from Joined at the Hip that I made for her.  When I first offered to make her one, I told her to pick a couple that she liked.  She suggested November for her bday month and the December stockings one.  Well,  she and I made that "Charley Brown" Christmas tree so December was taken care of.  November, I could have done but with her party being pushed back so far I was afraid she would not get to use what I made till next fall.  Snow Days, it was.  Shown on my base though and my buttons were not aligned just right for display nor was I going to move them just to take a picture, LOL.

I am sure she will post about this and her other gifties on her blog in a few days time.  What a talented bunch of gals I am associated with.

As part of her Par-Tay plans we are sewing on Atkinson Designs' "Popsicle Sticks"  (PopStix, in FAB talk).  Well, 4 of us are.  Norma is working on a king sized version with fall colors.  Pam is making a queen sized with a lot of dotty fabric.  Pat is making a donation sized one using a jelly roll and some additions from her stash while I am aiming for somewhere between a full and a queen if possible.  She lists the full version as 80 wide which is too narrow for my bed while the 96 inch queen is too wide.  I am hoping to do a half row or something like that.  And should be sewing!!  I am getting closer to done on the step A-B part but stopped to post this.

I didn't forget about Cher though.  She elected not to start a new project but rather go back to another of our previous "par-tay" quilts and try to finish it up or make some forward progress.  I think she said she was doing the Line Art/Skinny Strips one that I had selected for my day.  It's all good, LOL!

I cut a few more light background strips just before I broke for lunch so best get back to it.  I still say these girls work a lot faster than I do even if the "speed demon"  title may not fit.

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  1. The Snow Days wall hanging turned out beautifully! And you know, I can still hang it - we still have snow hanging around! Although we want Spring, we are not done with Winter! Thanks again! You are very tallented and I am very lucky to have you as a friend! Colour me happy!


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